June 15, 2024

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5 Tips to Beat The Martial Arts Learning Curve

One of the main challenges a new student of the martial arts has to overcome is the learning curve in acquiring what can appear to be complex skills and remembering all the details that go along with them.

This need not be an overwhelming experience! Here are 5 tips for accelerating up the learning curve:

#1 – Fundamentals
All realistic arts contain a small core of techniques and ideas that everything else is built upon. Identify and spend your time on these to see your progress sky-rocket. Having a strong foundation in the fundamentals will allow you to build what you want on top of it – a shakey foundation will lead to everything falling apart.

#2 – Strengths
Look for the areas and techniques you enjoy working on the most – these are your strengths. Working on your strengths is not only much more enjoyable, but you will see quicker development, allowing you to add on the other techniques more easily and efficiently.

#3 – K.I.S.S.
Keep it simple, stupid!!! Most arts aren’t that complicated – people complicate them (to slightly alter a great quote from BJJ’s Rigan Machado). If you are getting overwhelmed in a drill, ask yourself what is truly important within it and try to get your focus back to a single (or at most two) element.

#4 – Ask Questions
Smart people ask questions. Yes, some things need to be experienced and repeated to sink in. But if you feel like something isn’t working the way it should, or if you’re having trouble fitting a new idea into your existing knowledge, ask the instructor or an experienced member of the class while you have the opportunity.

#5 – Review Then Relax
At the end of every session, give yourself a few minutes to reflect on the ideas and techniques you’ve learnt. You’ll find the important details are much easier to recall later, and you can see how the information fits with what you know. Once you’ve done this though, give yourself the chance to relax and unwind – don’t dwell on every little detail of the session. Let your brain relax and file away all the information and experiences behind the scenes.

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