June 15, 2024

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A Brief Guide to Karting Safety Accessories

Karting has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering thrills for all manner of ages, wallets, and skills sets. It’s worth bearing in mind however that whilst karting is a relatively cheap form of motor racing, and arguably the easiest form of racing to enter as a newcomer, serious and long-term competitiveness will require serious investment in all sorts of karting gear and accessories.

To begin with, all organised karting events – be it the national championships, or the more humble weeknight practice sessions at your local club circuit – will require the driver to wear a karting helmet. As with regular car racing, helmet designs vary hugely, as do the prices. First, you’ll need to decide between either an open-faced or full-faced helmet design, before then deciding on which material your helmet is to be made from. Cheaper helmet designs are, for the most part, constructed from fibreglass, and although the more expensive carbon fibre designs offer superior crash protection, a good quality fibreglass karting helmet will prove adequate for most beginners.

Fireproof race suits are also compulsory in most categories of kart racing. Karting suits protect the ribs and chest against damage caused by racing accidents, and although the will always be the temptation to buy your child a karting suit which is a little oversized – so as to increase its usable life as your child grows – it is very important that the young karters race in well-fitting karting suits at all times.

There are also rules and regulations around the use of karting gloves, which are used to protect the hands from cuts, blisters and abrasions both during the course of racing and in the event of an accident. Well designed karting gloves also absorb some of the sweat from the driver’s hands, which will go a long way to maintaining some degree of comfort over a 40 or 60 minute kart race. Therefore, whilst quality karting gloves may seem relatively expensive, their added protection – not to mention comfort – is an important consideration for all kart racers.

Finally, you will also need to look at purchasing a pair of karting boots – and their importance cannot easily be understated. It is widely accepted that a significant number of karting incidents are attributable to one or more of the drivers wearing incorrect and unsuitable footwear. A good set of quality karting boots need not cost the earth, and will provide vastly superior levels of grip and feedback to the driver.