For quite a long time, car accidents have been dominating the top spot on the list of reasons why people file their personal injury claims. From the data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it is shown that at least six people are being engaged in car accidents every minute across the United States. In the State of California, where the most of the biggest cities in terms of population can be found, these accidents also create great concerns among the people and the government. Los Angeles personal injury lawyer

In general, excluding the states where a “no-fault” law has been adapted, car accident cases are being managed under the “tort law”, specifically the statutes on negligence. This obliges any motorist and car owners to be “reasonably cautious” when driving their vehicles. The failure to perform such deed would mean negligence on their part.

Consequently, if a negligent driver has caused any harm to an individual, his victim may file charges against him and demand for suitable compensation for the damages inflicted. However, the injured victim or the plaintiff still has to prove the following factors before he succeed in his claim case:

  • the driver failed to exercise due prudence in driving his car
  • the negligence was the main reason for the accident
  • the accident have caused the injuries

Thus, it would be better if the victims would still consult a car accident lawyer for further advices and information on this legal matter.

Car Accident Statistics in California

Indeed, the number of vehicular accidents in California has reached its alarming level. A recent study shows an average of 415 fatalities from car rollover cases happen every year. This is much higher compared to the last decade’s figures.

According to the 2004 government study on vehicles that have been involved in fatal crashes, cars such as wagons and sedans were first on the list with more than 1,700 deaths. This is followed closely by SUVs and minivans with approximately 1,050 fatalities. The study also affirmed that the many highways in California that permits high-speed transport have been a big factor.

In addition to this, the large populations and economic growth in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego have also been attributed in the numerous accounts of pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles.

Car Accident Causes

The NHTSA and other agencies assigned to look at the safety conditions on our roads have identified the following causes of accidents:

  • driver incompetence
  • over speeding especially on bad weather and road conditions
  • tailgating
  • excessive lane switching
  • drunk driving
  • inappropriate overtaking and failure to signal intent