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Advantages and Disadvantages of Satellite TV

Advantages and Disadvantages of Satellite TV

We are hearing about satellite TV and its features since 1990s and satellite TV is improving ever since. Today, you can browse through over 300 channels on satellite television. There are several advantages of satellite television. Nowadays, satellite dish has become small and compact. Therefore, it ca be easily installed, Installer will place the dish at the best possible location on your roof so that it will get best signals. Unlike old dishes, new satellite dishes do not need to move every time to find the signals. The dish is capable enough to find the best signals automatically. Dish sends the signal to your TV with the help of receiver box.

The picture quality has also been enhanced with the help of new small dish. Satellite TV works on a digital signal. The high definition television users need to view in high-def in order to see the best results. In this case, receiver box provides DVR (digital video recorder). Using DVR, you can digitally record programs. DVR has outcast VCR as it is easy to use and more efficient. You can record your favorite shows using DVR. The best feature is you can play with live TV such as live match, concert or an event. Also, on satellite TV, you can watch two channels at one time. Moreover, you can record two shows at the same time.

Diverse range of channels vary from sports, news, geography, history, adult and cartoon. If you want to parental control on any channels, you can easily block the channel or attach a password to it. Some satellite TV providers also offer paid services if you want to see new movies, live concerts or sporting events. There are number of advantages of satellite television however, some disadvantages are also there.

The first disadvantage of satellite TV is related to the weather. Satellite TV works on digital signals and if weather is bad you’re more likely to lose all the signals’ which means you’re going to miss your favorite shows. Satellite television provides over 300 channels, no doubt in that. However, you might need to pay more money to access local channels that focus on happenings in your neighborhood. Satellite television companies have started including local channels in their package, but you should check before opting for it.

Most of the satellite TV packages come only with a year’s contract, which is not a fair deal if you know you’re not moving to some other place. In case, you’re moving you’d need to pay installation charges again. If you’re using a satellite dish for two televisions, the price will go high. And if you’ve television in every room get ready to pay handsome amount of money to satellite television service provider. You may also need to some extra equipment to enjoy satellite television. Most of the plans offer free equipment however, if you’re using more than one TV set, then you’d need to purchase extra equipment to get better reception of signals.

There are some disadvantages, however the advantages of satellite TV makes it a great choice!