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Adventure Sports And Water Sports In Mauritius

Adventure Sports And Water Sports In Mauritius

A beautiful island full of serene and exotic beaches, the land of surf and sun – this is Mauritius. Welcome to this beach escape destination which is also known for its wide range of water sports and adventure sports. No doubt it is a small island paradise but it has a lot to offer to keen travelers.

Apart from its gorgeous beaches it offers so much variety in adventure sports and water sports. If you are a lover of those adrenaline rushes then this article will feed you with every detail about adventure and water sports in Mauritius. Big mountains, deep gorges and fabulous ravines offer many adventure sports in Mauritius like trekking, mountain biking, hiking and sea-kayaking.

Trekking in Mauritius:

To explore the deep hidden beauty of this island, you need to go on trekking. It will surely be a delight to every nature lover. The most famous place for trekking is the Black River Gorges National Park. It offers you one of the best trekking opportunities, spread over an area of more than 6,754 hectares. This is the most suitable way to come across various endemic birds like the pink pigeon and the Mauritius Echo Parakeet.

Macchabée-Black River track is another challenging track. It leads from Petrin, through the Macchabée forest and down to the end of the riverside track at the kiosk below Plateau Remousse. Some other treks include Black River Peak track, Cascade Cinq Cents Pieds track.

Mountain biking:

Another way to enjoy your stay in Mauritius is mountain biking in Mauritius. Few famous lush green rides include: Chamarel Ride which is an easy ride of 1 hour, around the area of Chamarel Seven Coloured Earths. It is surrounded by sugarcane and pine apple fields. Other scenic routes include Chamarel Down Hill, a ride on the South coast. Here you will see big strong waves washing the beaches.


This beautiful island is surrounded by exotic spots for diving. There is a continuous stretch of coral reefs around the island which makes diving a memorable experience. Currently there are 23 diving centres in Mauritius, registered with the Mauritius Scuba Diving Association (MSDA). Mascareignes Plongées or Neptune Diving Centre are most advanced centers and are easily accessible. The Northern part of Mauritius has numerous short and long range dives. In your dives you get to know much about marine fauna like fish species, lobsters, turtles and crabs. Different forms of corals like large fan corals, flat corals and soft corals add to exquisite experience. Popular dive sites include Blue Bay, Le Sirius Wreck, Purple Cave, Colorado and Roches Zozo.

Short range dives:

Some of the world famous and extremely beautiful short range dives include dive at Old Rocks(10-21m), Grand Baie and Pereybere Aquarium (8-14m), Merville Patches (12-15m), Coral Garden (17-19m), Black Forest (40m), Whale Rock (30-40m) and Anchor (12-20m).You can find green coral bushes up to 1 meter high and samples of rare black coral. You can also go for night dives at many dives spots.


Windsurfing is very popular with adventure tourists. Mauritius provides almost perfect conditions of water to get the adrenaline rush in surfing. The Bay of Tamarin is top spot in entire Mauritius where waves reach up to 6 feet. Other famous surfing spots include the Le Morne and One-Eye’s and Baie du Cap.


Water sports in Mauritius also include sailing. The conditions in Mauritius are suitable for sailing. Exploring the island on a sailing cruise has become famous worldwide. Grand Baie is the main centre for yachting. Various beach resorts arrange for sailing excursions for the tourists.


You take off from a pontoon anchored in the middle of the sea then a speedboat pulls you until you have gathered enough speed and altitude. This is ultimate way to enjoy your holiday. In this sport you get to see a bird’s eye view of your surroundings.

Sea Kayaking:

It is another option in adventure sports to enjoy the beauty of this pearl of Indian Ocean. The best way for this sport is kayaking from St Antoine towards Ile d’Ambre, an islet off the North East coast of Mauritius. At the west coast you can visit Tamarin, here you have the opportunity to see spinner dolphins. Warwick bay is another destination for kayaking.