June 18, 2024

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Basketball Goals – Which Net is Best?

In basketball, the perfect shot includes that final “swoosh” when the ball goes through the net. Every player, whether a novice or a professional, dreams of a shot like that. Looking at basketball goals, you may think all nets are alike, but all nets are not created equal. When you are looking for a basketball goal for your family or community, consider all the different types of nets, and when they are most appropriate.

Standard nets are made of anti-whip nylon because it is durable and long lasting. Anti-whip means that the net will not leave a rope burn if a player’s hand gets tangled. Standard nets are 21 inches long and have an hourglass shape. Standard nets also have 12 loops which make then compatible with standard rims. Standard rims are equipped with 12 hooks. But within this standard are many variations.

One popular type of nylon net is a light up net. This net lights up when a basket is made and stays lit for a predetermined amount of time. Not only is this type of net fun and exciting, but it also gives the ref and score keeper a sure way to know when a shot has made it into the goal. This net is compatible with most rims and runs on batteries.

Another popular type of net is an all-weather net. This, of course, is the right choice for an outside basketball hoop. You want to ensure that your net will last through many games no matter what the weather. An all-weather net is the way to go. The nylon is heavy duty for extra durability and water resistance.

A fun way to go is to find a nylon net that is in color. A popular version is the red, white, and blue net. This net shows off your patriotic side while giving some style to your basketball goal. Nets come in many different colors such as neon, glow in the dark, and more. You can also buy nylon nets in your favorite team’s colors. This is just another way to show off your loyal fan side when shooting hoops with your friends.

Another newer type of net is a nylon strap net. This net is still made from durable nylon but the straps are flat and wide. They are double and sometimes triple stitched for extra durability. These nets are also safer since the space between the loops are bigger making is less likely for a player’s hand or finger to become stuck. These come in many different colors as well.

If you want to make a statement, consider going with a steel chain link net. This net lets your rivals know you are ready for serious play. Most steel chain link nets are coated with zinc to prevent weather damage and rust. They have the same 12 loops and are 21 inches long. A steel chain link net will give your game attitude.

With so many types and styles of nets to choose from, you are sure to find one that is unique to you. Whether you go with a traditional net or try something different your game time will be exciting and fun.