June 22, 2024

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Beach Tennis For Recreation

Summer is just a time for hitting the beach and plays some recreational sports with your friends and family. Aside from beach volleyball, frezbie one of the most popular sport that you can play in the beach is beach tennis. Beach tennis is the combination of tennis and beach volleyball all wrap into one exciting and exhilarating sports.

When you want to play this sport, it is more like a tennis played on the beach. Each team will have two members or it can also be played by singles and each team will hit the ball back and forth. When the other team missed or hit the ball too hard that the ball will cross the line then the opponent team. Each is only allowed to hit the ball once.

This is a very enjoyable game which you and your friends as well as family members can play. There are certain rules of the game that you should follow like the net height should be 1.7 meters (net height is 5 ft. 6 3/4 inch). The court should be 16 meters (52 1/2 ft.). The rules are very much identical to the regular tennis, so if you are very familiar with that sport, t is easier for you to play this game.

This sport will let you enjoy the sun, the sand and the beach and of course your love ones. It will make you forget about your worries about life and work plus the fact that you will get to bond with your family members. It can also get you in good shape because if you play this game you will move all your muscles from thee upper to the lower part of your body which you would like to be firm and if you are really get into this sport you can be a professional one and join competitions.

Engaging into some sport will always be a good way for recreations; it is also a good way to enjoy your leisure time with your family and friends. If you’re bored and tired of the same old games that you play in the beach, then it is time for you to try getting those paddle tennis racket and enjoy playing beach tennis. This game will give you numerous benefits both in your emotional and physical aspect. When you play this game make sure that you are comfortable with your clothes and out some sun block on for your skin to be protected from the damaging heat of the sun.