June 15, 2024

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Beaches in Protaras, Cyprus

If it’s a beach holiday you are looking for then the beaches in Protaras, Cyprus are arguably amongst some of the best on the island. This should come as no great surprise because that’s the very reason the resort has developed at such a pace along with it’s excellent location. There are several beaches in Protaras, Cyprus with plenty of all the usual facilities you would expect from one of the east coasts major holiday resorts. Whether you want to just relax in the sun or partake of the numerous water sports on offer you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for here. There are even beaches within the beautiful nature reserve of Cape Greko or Cavo Greko as it is also known.

The main municipal sea front is large and flat with a beautiful sandy bottom and a shallow water line making it perfect for families who want a great day at the sea side. There are loads of sun beds and parasols so you won’t have to fight for a great spot either. The beach is long and sweeps down towards Fig tree bay at one end whilst the other end is at the start of a new walkway linking the resort with nearby Pernera which is home to a pretty harbour several waterfront restaurants and some beautiful sandy bays too. Like most of the other beaches in Protaras, Cyprus there are several water sports vendors and if you fancy getting a bit nautical you can even hire your own motor boat.

A short walk along the main seafront brings you into the area know a s Fig tree bay which is one of the most popular beaches in Protaras, Cyprus. It’s main feature is a small island within a short swim from the beach which is host to several religious celebrations throughout the year. They usually involve young men swimming out to touch a cross on the island and the competition can be quite fierce. Again there is a great selection of water sports on offer plus lots of snack bars and beach front restaurants for when you are feeling like a bite to eat or a nice cool beer. Many of the resorts more exclusive hotels also have the distinction of fronting right onto the beach and there facilities are usually open to none residents if you prefer lounging by a pool instead of on the sand.

There are many other smaller bays and beaches in Protaras, Cyprus such as green bay which has a water sports station and several trendy restaurant café bars too. The jewel in the crown however has to be the famous Konnos bay which is situated within the Cape Greko nature reserve. Nestling in a sandy bay below the cliffs it is probably one of the best sun traps on the island. The views on the way down are stunning and many celebrities are known to anchor their luxury yachts down in the bay during the hot summer months. As with elsewhere there are great water sports facilities for all the family supplied by a real congenial guy by the name of Mike. The view from the beachfront restaurant is superb and the waters there are crystal clear blue turquoise so its no surprise that Konnos bay is one of the most popular beaches in Protaras, Cyprus.