June 18, 2024

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Best Day of the Week to Bet on Horse Races

Have you ever wondered if there is a day of the week when it is easier to pick winners at the horse races? Are the races always the same? For instance, is it more difficult to pick the best horse or handicap the races on Monday than it is on Saturday?

In my experience, the answer is yes. There are days when the horses that are running are of a higher class and in better shape physically. That means horses who run true to form as opposed to the bottom of the barrel platers who struggle to win because of infirmness.

Look at the average purse on different days of the week and the whole purse for the day and you’ll find that there is a definite pattern. Race tracks like to card their stakes races and best race fields on days when there is a better likelihood of more people being available to go to the races.

It is the same reason that major sporting events like football games, are held on Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, if you want the easiest races to handicap and the horses who run true to form, stick with the higher purse races for older horses.

You’ll find most of them on a weekend. Saturday is usually the best day for quality races. There is another reason to play the races on the weekend or holidays, too. That is when you will find the highest percentage of casual horse players and gamblers.

In pari mutuel wagering your skill is important. On weekdays there are more true horse players in proportion to the casual players who don’t have as much skill. That means you are more likely to see each horse bet at its true value or chances of winning.

On the other hand, on a weekend or holiday, there are more people at the races just to have fun. They will bet based on a horse’s name or because it is a big favorite and that means disparity in the betting pools that a skillful horse racing handicapper can exploit.