June 22, 2024

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Bet on Losers and Win at the Greyhound Track

I know many professional players that do not play maiden races at the greyhound track. I have a close friend that plays at Palm Beach Kennel Club and he never bets on them. On the other hand I know some really great players that specialize in maiden races.

How can you play maiden races and win more money at the greyhound track? Let’s see if we can’t explore how to win at the greyhound track in maiden races!

Many times you will see maiden runners that are so obvious everyone will play them. It is hard to make money on these greyhounds because of the odds. In races like this there are a couple of things to look for that might land you a long shot winner!

  • Is the heavily favored greyhound a first time starter? (only has schooling races)
  • Is the heavily favored greyhound in a bad box like the 5 or 6 box?
  • Is there a greyhound with poor lines that is positioned well to win today?

First time starters are excellent greyhounds to bet against in maiden races. Especially if their schooling races were against small fields of 3, 4 or 5 other greyhounds. Make sure you always see how many greyhounds they competed against in schooling races. If they ran amazing against full 8 greyhound fields then it is more likely they will run well in their first maiden race. On the other hand, a first time starter that has only run against a few dogs in schooling races might be overbet.

Drawing the right box is very important and even more so when dealing with inexperienced greyhounds. Typically this is the 4, 5 or 6 boxes. So make sure you check for that.

You can find a bomb in these races and beat a heavy favorite by looking for greyhounds that haven’t been set up to win yet. For example a greyhound that has run three maiden races from the 4, 5 and 6 box with top 5 finishes that is drawing the 1 box or 8 box today. They will have a post advantage that could translate into a great trip and long odds.

Maiden races at the greyhound track can be very profitable! Just make sure you check all of the angles. Your advantage in mutuel wagering is to find advantages that the majority of other bettors will miss. If you always keep this in mind you can cash larger tickets more often.