June 22, 2024

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Brazil Soccer – Is it a Second Religion?

Continuing success in Brazil soccer world continues to enshroud everything in its course. It seems that all of Brazil immersed itself or has been drowned in what can be considered as the biggest and most extravagant sports in history, soccer. Brazil has been known all over the world not only as a “Banana Republic” on its political aspect, but what is far more phenomenal is its “notoriety” in the soccer world. Brazil is unimaginable without soccer or football as it is being called in the Latin American continent.

The attribution of soccer to Brazil acts like a stigma that the country is being considered as synonymous to the sport itself. When a person is asked about Brazil, surely that person would immediately say something related to soccer.

Brazilians can’t be caught dead with out a soccer ball or if not, any accessory that can be directly attributed to soccer, soccer jerseys, soccer shoes and the likes. These things were being considered priceless by almost all of them regardless of gender. Children, boys and girls, can be seen playing soccer even just with worn out soccer balls along the sides of the street, empty parking lots, backyards or as long as there is open space. It seems that this sport is a divine thing for them due to the treatment they gave it. If compared to food, soccer is their main dish that they will not live to see another day without it. Brazil soccer knows no bounds. It is being played by both men and women from all ages as long as they can still kick the ball and run.

There is a contention that goes “The English were the ones who invented or devised soccer, but the Brazilians polished and perfected it”. It is irrefutably true. Based on the player profiles of Brazil, many of them now holds the title of the most aspired awards in the soccer world including the unsurpassed goal made by a single player in its entire playing career.