June 18, 2024

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Can You Make a Career in Auto Racing With Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is a progressive disease and different to each patient. The speed of progression depends on the patient. Ask Australian Race Car Driver Mark Skarife. Mark has had Keratoconus for over 10 years and one thing he has learned is what works best for him. In an article on “All About Eyes” Mark stated that “Contact Lenses do not fog up like glasses tend to do.” over the last 10 years he has worn both glasses and contact lenses to help his vision. While the contact lenses help more while he is driving he prefers his glasses the best.

The truth is no matter what treatment you try it is up to you and your eye care professional to decide what works best for you. Can you have a career in Auto Racing and have Keratoconus? The answer could be yes. The trick is with any condition you have to monitor your condition, report and new symptoms, and understand how it can affect you in your future.

There are several treatments that can benefit you and your chosen career including Holcomb C3-R ® which can strengthen your vision naturally. INTACS which are inserted implants that help support the cornea and decrease the distorted area of the cornea.

Below are some symptoms of Keratoconus:

For those who are not familiar with Keratoconus, it is a progressive eye condition that causes thinning of your cornea changing it to a cone shape. The progression of the condition varies from person to person but the symptoms are generally the same.

Blurred vision
Frequent Changes in Prescription
Frequent rubbing of the eyes
Dry eyes
Increased blinking of the eyes
Halos around lights and/or difficulty with night vision

If Auto racing is your passion don’t let this condition stop you, simply be aware of your condition and what needs to be done to improve your overall quality of vision. The truth is no one knows exactly how long each stage of the condition will take to affect you. Many patients have gone more than a decade using glasses and contact lenses for treatment.

There has been a great deal of advancements in the improvement of vision for those suffering from Keratoconus. Checking out the latest in treatments could save you a great deal of time and symptoms. Treatments like Holcomb C3-R ®, INTACS, and CK can help you regain your life a little faster.

Steven Holcomb is an Gold Medical Olympic bobsled driver. He travels at mock speeds and when his vision was rapidly deteriorating he sought out these treatments to save his vision in 2007. He went on to win Olympic Gold in the 2010 Winter Games. While auto racing and bobsled driving may be different they hold similar skills and need for precise vision. Watch Steve’s incredible comeback story after retiring from the sport and then returning to win Olympic Gold: