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Classic Wrestling Matches in History

Classic Wrestling Matches in History

Classic wrestling soared to greater heights with a World Wrestling Federation or WWF event that happened in November 7, 1985 in Rosemont, Illinois. The first of its kind pay-per-view event was composed of sixteen participants, including wrestling greats Ric Flair, Iceman, Junkyard Dog, Hulk Hogan and more. It ended with a memorable win by Junkyard Dog over Macho Man Savage. This 16-man elimination series culminated in a grand match between Rowdy Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan vying for the Championship belt, as well as an exciting contest wherein Michael Hamley ended up winning a Rolls Royce.

It was 1985 when Roddy Piper placed himself in the lead promotion after speaking out against the Rock ‘n ‘ Wrestling connection and resulted in a confrontation with another wrestler, Hulk Hogan. Talk about publicity – as soon as news hit the stands, a match was arranged between the two of them and thus The War to Settle the Score, an MTV special wrestling feature, was the much-hyped special on the pay per view channel. Here, Hulk Hogan remained the undefeated WWF titleholder but only through grounds of disqualification of Roddy Piper. But this classic wrestling soon brought about another era in wrestling history, with the introduction of WrestleMania. The first match had fans witnessing a classic wrestling favorite, the tag team competition. Mr. T and Hulk Hogan teamed up to wrestle against Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff.

More memorable scenes in this classic wrestling show on TV include Dynamite Kid facing off with Nikolai Volkoff. This match was quite memorable because as Volkoff started the Russian national anthem, Dynamite Kid suddenly launched into a missile dropkick that resulted in him winning the match. Wrestling favorite Macho Man Savage was also not to be left behind, as he defeated Ivan Putski using a signature kick using the middle rope as leverage. A match between Ricky Steamboat and Davey Boy Smith was also witnessed by the fans, wherein Ricky Steamboat performed a sidestepping move that foiled Smith’s offensive attack and led the latter to a groin injury. Ricky Steamboat won the match as a result.

Wrestling favorite Junkyard Dog met the fierce Iron Sheik in the ring as well. Junkyard dog defeated him, thanks to a quick head butt that caused Iron Sheik to let go of a deadly camel clutch on Junkyard Dog. Sprightly Tito Santana also had his moment with The Magnificent Don Muraco. In this classic wrestling match, Tito Santana pinned his opponent using a small package. The final match of this classic wrestling series showed Paul Orndorff battling it out with Cowboy Bob Orton and ended in Orton’s disqualification after he slammed Paul Orndorff using a cast he was wearing.