July 22, 2024

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Cricket – A Passion Over the Fashion

Cricket – A Passion Over the Fashion

The sport of cricket is bigger than ever before with the masses constantly looking out for the latest cricket news and all the live scores of cricket matches…even from work! The need to have the latest cricket updates and the fastest breaking news in the world of cricket has become a norm for those who can’t be glued to the television all day long.

Office Punters

There are a number of cricket enthusiasts who need to satiate their appetite for the game with all that goes within or beyond the boundary ropes. People have come across numerous ways to quench their thirst for cricket live scores on match days, post match conferences and the controversies emanating from the cricketing realms.

One can log on to a cricket website to get the latest information on cricket matches, get a glimpse of their favourite cricket stars and virtually do anything to do with the sport/religion called cricket.

Student Stumpers

A large army of students who are equally crazy about cricket also need to think out of the box when it comes to keeping the tab on the live cricket matches and events like the cricket World Cup. How can one think of trigonometry when the run-rates of your team are screaming in a nail biter!

Indigenous ways like using the hands-free contraptions, SMS alerts and using GPRS to browse websites for the latest in cricketing action; be it cricket blogs, cricket forums, cricket archives are a fast spreading trend.

Whatever the means, one thing is for sure…The entire world today feels the need, the need for cricketing speed!