June 15, 2024

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Easy System to Handicap a Horse Race Using the Consensus of Handicappers

You may enjoy poring over a racing form and crunching numbers and wracking your brain to figure out which horse is going to win a race, but if you don’t, here is an easy way to find good horse racing bets. First of all, let’s define what I mean by a good bet. Why do you bet on horse races? There are three possible answers to that question that instantly come to mind.

First of all, you may enjoy losing so you can commiserate with all the other losers and feel you have something in common with them. That may not seem likely to you at first, why would anyone lose on purpose? But go to a race track or OTB and listen to the groups of losers standing around wallowing in it and you’ll soon realize that, yes, there really are people who enjoy losing.

The second reason is that you may enjoy the feeling of being right and picking the right horse that wins the race. You may feel smart when you pick the winner. That’s nice.

The third reason is the one that I hope rings a bell with you. You like to win money when you’re right. It makes you feel good and you like money. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you like to win and come out ahead of the horse racing handicapping game, then here is how you can do it without too much trouble.

When you go to the races, buy a form. Look at the consensus of handicappers picks. Each horse gets a number value based on how the handicappers liked the horses chances of winning. In order to make a profit on those horses, assign odds to each of their horses based on the point value for each horse, but only in the consensus. You will usually find three horses in the consensus.

For instance, maybe horse A = 18 points, horse B = 9 points, and horse C = 3 points. Obviously, horse A should be the favorite and you might think it is a bargain at 3-1. If you could get those odds you’d take it. If not, what are the odds on horse B? If they are 5-1 or higher, you might think horse B is a bargain and so forth.

The key to making this work is practice. Try it just for fun a few times and see if you can find a few good deals on the program. You’ll be amazed at how you will soon learn how to spot a bargain and actually make more money with your bets with this simple little horse racing system. Of course, there are no guarantees at the races and betting is risky. There is also no substitute for handicapping the races yourself and using a more complex system, but this system alone isn’t bad for fun.