June 15, 2024

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El Salvador Soccer Team

El Salvador soccer team goes with many nicknames. The team was invariably called Seleccion Cuscatleca, La Azul, La Selecta and Cuscatlecos. The head coach of the team is Carlos de los Cobos and the team captain is Afredo Pacheco. The player who garnered the most caps is Luis Guevara Mora and the team’s top scorer is Jorge “Magico” Gonzales. Their home ground is Estadio Cuscatlan. They ranked number 50 on FIFA in 1992 (their highest FIFA ranking) and in 2006, they plunged to the ranking of 169, their lowest FIFA ranking.

Their first international match happened in Guatemala City, Guatemala in September 14, 1921 against Costa Rica. The Costa Ricans dominated the game with the score of 7-0. The biggest win they had managed is their match against Anguilla wherein they trampled their opponent that resulted in a 12-0 score. The match was held recently in their own country in February 6, 2008. They tasted a great defeat though when they encountered the Hungarian team. That was in 1982 where they had managed to sink only one goal against 10 of Hungary.

El Salvador soccer team appeared on World Cup twice, first in 1970 when they won the qualifying match against Honduras that resulted to the infamous Football War, and their second Worlds Cup gig happened in 1982. There they were able to have their first World Cup goal made by Luiz Baltazar Ramirez Zapata. They had also managed to secure a CONCACAF Gold Cup slot five times.

The proper name of El Salvador soccer team is El Salvador National Football Team which falls under direct control of Federacion SalvadoreƱa de Futbol. Many soccer stars came from this team including Pablo Huezo, Santiago Barrachina and Carlos Escobar. The team was officially born in 1921.