June 22, 2024

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Fantasy Cricket Matches TM – The REAL Fantasy Cricket Game

Millions of US adults play fantasy sports, centered around the NFL, the NBA and the MLB, and an equally large number play fantasy soccer all over the world.

Fantasy sports are online games that allow users to select real players for a fictional (fantasy) team, the real-life statistics of those players are then used to determine which fantasy team is doing the best. The most common variant converts statistical performance of players into points , the accumulation of these points over the period of the competition determines which user wins. However this concept has still struggled to captivate cricket audiences.

The relatively small pool of international cricketers to choose from, the unequal number of matches played by international cricket teams in a season, all contribute to making fantasy cricket a marketing gimmick more than a passion. Until now.

Fantasy Cricket Matches TM was developed to overcome the limitations inherent in international cricket. Using the detailed nature of a cricket scorecard it was possible to determine the result of any cricket match using the scores and bowling figures of just one of the participating teams – Totaling up the batsmen’s runs gives u the team’s score, totaling up the bowlers runs conceded gives you the opposition score, the higher score determines the result of the match!

From this it became possible to create a concept unique in the fantasy sports industry, one where users created fantasy teams not to accumulate points but to win matches.

Over a period of 5 years using feedback from users all over the world, Fantasy Cricket Matches TM has evolved into a highly addictive online game, encapsulating all aspects of a cricket match, giving users unprecedented control and interactivity in a fantasy game.

Batting and bowling orders are a much debated aspect of cricket strategy often having huge impacts on the outcome of match. Cricket commentators love to second guess captains, usually with the luxury of hindsight, on who should open the bowling, when should key batsmen come out to bat. With Fantasy Cricket Matches TM they can put their money where their mouth is before the match starts, as assigning orders is a key aspect of this fantasy cricket game and as with the real thing, these decisions have a huge impact on the outcome of the fantasy match.

Declaration scores are also required in the Test Match version of this fantasy game giving the user even more control. Perhaps the most playable aspect is the use of substitutes after the results are in to aid in winning the match or improving the margin of victory, post match control is another first for this game in the Fantasy Sports Industry.

As with any Cricket Tournament, teams playing this fantasy cricket game compete to win the most number of matches with the highest net run rate, an international cricket standard that measures the margin of victory.