July 22, 2024

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Fantasy Cricket: Test Your Cricketing Knowledge!

Fantasy Cricket: Test Your Cricketing Knowledge!

Many of us dream and aim for many things in our life, but it is not always that all our wishes are fulfilled. So how would you like to fulfill at least one of your dreams? If you are a cricket fan, you are simply going to love this. You cannot claim to be a true cricket fan if you have never dreamt of selecting your ideal dream team. Every other day, we see our team losing a match and start mumbling our disapproval about the team’s combination. In fact, all cricket fans feel that they are the ones, who can best understand the game and also select the best combination for playing a match.

Life gives very little chance to an individual to realize their dreams and so no one must ever let go this opportunity. Fantasy cricket is one such chance provided to cricket fans to realize their dream of selecting their own team. What is more important is, not only can you select your own dream team, but you can actually see them live in action. One more thing, you can choose players from several countries to represent your team. So your team can consist of leading players from all over the world and play in the field at the same time.

The concept of fantasy cricket is to play a virtual game of cricket. This game can be played online on any site that provides fans with the chance of playing the game. Playing the game is very simple. Whenever an international tournament gets underway, fans can log on to the site and play the game of fantasy cricket. The names of players who are playing in that particular tournament will be listed and points are allotted to them. The points are allotted based on several factors. The form of the player is taken care and also some of the previous performance of the player is taken into consideration before allotting the points.

Each player will be allotted a sum total of certain points within which they have to build the team. So, this means that the sum total of all the selected players cannot exceed the total allotted budget points. It is here that the actual knowledge of the cricket fan and his selection skills are put to test. So, if someone is really serious about this and wants to select his dream team, he can very easily do so. Find out how much you actually know about your favorite game and your favorite players.

Winning a game of fantasy cricket depends on the way your selected player performs on the field. So if you have selected a batsman who does not perform very well in the field during the course of the tournament, you could end up losing the game. So be very careful while selecting the members of your dream team. Never get swayed by reputation and big names while selecting your team. Go strictly by merit, as only merit will help you in successfully playing and winning fantasy cricket.