July 22, 2024

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Fantasy Golf – Running a Fantasy Golf Auction

Fantasy Golf – Running a Fantasy Golf Auction

There are many different ways to run a fantasy golf league, and I have found that having an auction style draft is a very fun and challenging way to run your league. For the past several years, I have participated in several different fantasy golf leagues. But this last year, 12 other friends and myself decided to run a league with an auction style draft. I was amazed by how fun it was! This article will cover the format of a fantasy golf auction, how to run the draft, and managing your new league after all of the teams have been drafted.

First, lets talk about what a fantasy golf auction is. A fantasy golf auction allows different team owners to draft golfers for their fantasy team. Team owners will bid on a selected golfer, and the highest bidder will receive that golfer to add to their roster. In an auction style draft, a golfer can only be drafted by one and only one team. Each team has a set amount of auction dollars that they cannot exceed when filling their roster.

To run your fantasy golf auction, you will want somewhere between 5 and 20 team owners to participate. Any amount under 5 will probably make drafting a team too easy and any amount over 20 would be very difficult. To determine the bidding order you can pull names out of a hat. The bidding order will only affect the golfer that is chosen to be bid on. The first bidder will decide which golfer to bid on, and how much they are starting out the bidding. After the initial starting bid, any team can bid a higher amount until the bidding ends. After the bidding ends on a golfer, the next team in the bidding order will chose another golfer. This process continues until all team rosters are full.

You will also want to determine roster sizes and maximum and minimum bids. For the auction I participated in, each roster was made up of 10 golfers. We had set the bidding cap to 100 auction dollars per team, with the minimum bid being 1 auction dollar. To calculate the maximum bid a team can spend on a golfer, you can use the following formula:

A = Team’s remaining auction dollars

B = Team’s open roster spots

C = Minimum bid amount

A – ((B – 1) * C)

That’s it. After that, team owners can watch the different PGA tournaments and cheer on their fantasy golfers. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much fun you can have watching golf when you have 10 golfers to root for.