June 15, 2024

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Flat Horse Racing Systems

Flat horse racing systems

Here is a simple horse racing system for the flat; it requires a form book to find the selections. In NZ, the Best Bets will provide the information while in the UK, the Racing Post is the paper to use.


1. Must have last raced no longer than 14 days ago.

2. Second to last race must be no longer than 42 days ago

3. Take note of the winning margins & lengths beaten of each horse’s last two runs and they must be less than 2 lengths in total.


Most recent start: beaten by 2 lengths

Second to last race: won by 2.5 lengths.

Subtract beaten margin from winning margin 2.5 – 2 +.5

If the horse did not win either of it’s last two races then the beaten margins must add up to less than 2.

Beaten favorite system

Back any beaten favorite providing that it last raced not more than fourteen days ago and finished unplaced last time out.

There is often a good reason for a horse’s poor showing when it was expected to win by the betting public and you can sometimes be surprised at how quickly they will let such a horse go out at better odds next time out.

Horses for courses system

Back any previous course and distance winner providing that such a horse has won at least two of its last six races and last raced not more than fourteen days ago.

The horses for courses racing theory is as old as horse racing itself. Trainers will often set horses for races where they have previously been successful so the “horses for courses” theory can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The favorites system

This is for punters who like to back short priced favorites;

You simply back the shortest priced last race winner on the programme who last raced within the previous fifteen days.

It is important that you do not get carried away with these or other systems you try but do a run on paper to familiarise yourself with them. Systems will have their runs of losses as well as their winning runs so it is important to be patient during quiet times and not panic

The 100% betting system

Back any horse who has finished first, second, or third at every start they have had providing their last run was no longer than fourteen days ago.