June 18, 2024

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Gene Simco, BJJ Black Belt Designs Martial Arts Inspired Watches

Preta Watches – A New Exclusive Timepiece Inspired By Martial Arts.

The “Preta Chrono” is the first in a very limited and exclusive line of watches designed by Martial Artist, Gene Simco in conjunction with Giulio Bonaccio of Orologio, Inc. How Exclusive? These watches are so exclusive, they aren’t for sale …. Yet. The design of these fine timepieces was insipid by Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a Martial Art that is responsible for making the increasingly popular sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) what it is today. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is know as one of the most difficult Martial Arts to earn a Black Belt in, sometimes taking up to ten years or more to accomplish. The word for Black Belt in Brazilian Portuguese is “Faxia Preta” and is where the name for these watches is derived. Even the design reflects the Black Belt in the style of the watch – Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belts have a red band on one side, which has inspired the red and black coloring of this rare timepiece. So exactly how rare are they? The first manufacturing of these watches was limited to ten. Ten watches reserved for Gene Simco’s first ten Black Belts. That’s right, you not only have to be a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt to get one, but you must receive it from the designer himself. Now that’s exclusive. But there’s hope for those not committed enough to submit themselves to ten years of ass-kicking(s) just to get a watch you like the looks of. Gene Simco has stated that it is this first production run that is specifically reserved for his students in order to offer them something special for their dedication. He intends to work from the reputation and history of this watch in order generate interest in both the Martial Arts and Watch Manufacturing communities. So there will, most likely be productions of this watch brand available to the public in the future.

The blending of Martial Arts and Watch-making; it makes sense that two things which have some much in common in the way of dedication, style and craftsmanship would pair together nicely … and that’s just what occurs with the Preta Chrono.

The Watch

The Preta Chono was designed by Gene Simco, a timepiece collector and huge fan of the “big watch” movement made popular by action stars like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Scharzennager. When he approached Bonaccio (a Paneristi) about making the watches, it was obvious where the design direction would go. You can see a strong design inspiration taken from Panerai’s Ferarri line with a touch of Audemars Piguet thrown in. This fine timepiece features a display back, revealing a beautiful handcrafted movement. It is manual wound with a 56 hour power reserve. The watch is DLC coated for anti magnetic and finish protection. The carbon fiber style strap (which is interchangeable) gives the watch a sporty feel that is echoed nicely on the face of the watch with the Audemars-like square pattern. While not a complete design original, this watch is a very cool blending of Simco’s favorite designs that come together to make a very strong statement on the wrist. Simco has also stated that future designs (for sale) will feature a more unique and original design.

Although not currently available, future versions of these watches will most likely find their way into high end watch shops in the next year. Because of their originality, design, level of craftsmanship and exclusivity, expect them to sell for what timepieces of similar pedigree do – somewhere in the $5000 range. It kind of makes you want to take up Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, doesn’t it?