June 15, 2024

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Get NASCAR Programing Beamed Direct to You on Satellite TV

Feel the exhilaration of driving a superior stock car by watching NASCAR HotPass on Satellite TV. This incredible sports subscription takes you across the country with all your favorite drivers during the racing season. Satellite TV is the exclusive provider of NASCAR content.

This package brings incredible race action directly to your widescreen HDTV. See the race as it was meant to be seen from the driver’s seat or from a prime location on the infield. This is your personal ticket to trackside and oh what an amazing ticket it is. HD programming displays your programming in stunning digital video with a clarity that will leave you awestruck. This incredible video display is combined with superior surround sound audio giving the illusion that you are standing directly in pit row. Watch NASCAR in high definition and you will never want to watch standard definition again.

Satellite TV will be bringing every race to fan subscribers for 2008. Subscribers that have not made the switch to a HD Receiver or DVR can still catch all the races in standard definition. This year NASCAR has brought to viewer some enhanced audio features as well. Viewers have the option of listening to multiple drivers talking directly to their crew from these new audio features.
NASCAR fans can periodically check the Satellite TV provider website to see the current week’s drivers. Each week a few drivers are showcased during their race including audio feeds from the driver. Some of the drivers that have been featured have been Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, Jeff Gordon, Michael Waltrip and more.

Only satellite TV Subscribers will have the opportunity to select this additional sport subscription. Racing fans will not find this sport car coverage anywhere else. Satellite TV is the nation’s leader in television entertainment with over 265 channels available including news, movies, sports, music, and more.

Satellite TV’s sports coverage includes additional exclusive programming with NFL Sunday Ticket. Baseball fans can catch MLB Extra Innings while basketball junkies can tune in to NBA League Pass. Hockey fans can watch the puck fly with NHL Center Ice. Whether you are looking for college sports or professional you will find it on Satellite TV including coverage for soccer, rugby, and cricket. Comprehensive sports programming for the kid in all of us.

Rev up those engines and can ready for a wild ride behind the wheel with NASCAR HotPass and Satellite TV HD.