June 15, 2024

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Getting to Know Basketball Positions

Basketball is not only a great sport. It is one of the most popular sports… actually. This game is not only for professionals. Even if you don’t know much about basketball, you can play the game as a form of exercise or recreation. You don’t have to know everything that a professional basketball player knows. You just have to know the basics.

Likewise if you are new to the game and would want to try playing, you just have to know the basic information such as the equipments used, the basic rules and the basic basketball positions.

Basically, in playing basketball, there are two teams. And each team playing on the court is composed of five players. Each of these players has specific positions. The team coach or captain usually assigns the positions according to each player’s size, ability and skills. Along with the positions came different responsibilities. What are they? These are the following;

o Center – this is usually the biggest player on the floor playing for each team. It is the responsibility of the centers to pose as a force near the basket. And as centers are usually used for scoring, they are not asked to roam very far from the basket. Rebounding is also among the main tasks of centers.

o Forwards – this is the basketball position which is next in size to the center. Responsibilities of this position usually vary depending on the skills of the players in the team.

There are two types of forwards;

o Power forwards – this position is usually held by the team’s second biggest player. Power forwards are expected to make rebounds and scores for the team but unlike the centers, they can play away from the basket.

o Small forwards – these are mostly the scorers and playmaker in the team. They play farther from the basket. Responsibilities of small forwards require going down and rebounding, dribbling and shooting the ball outside. These positions need versatile players as well as those who are sharp at three-point perimeter.

Guards – there are also two types of guards;

o The Shooting Guards – responsibilities or these positions are similar to those of small forward. In fact, the responsibilities of the two positions can be interchanged or done by the same player; either the small forward or the shooting guard. Though not expected to make many rebounds, the shooting guard are also focused on scoring.

o Point Guards – this is considered as the most important position. It is because these positions require the player to run the team’s offense as well as distributing the ball to his team mates. Being the smallest players on the court, point guards are usually quick, a great passer and playmaker. Most point guards are also good shooters; making them almost a jack of all trade.

The information listed here are just basic information about the different basketball positions. Should you need in-depth analysis and further information about these positions, books about basketball are available. You can study each positions according to the data listed on the books. Figures and drawings illustrating executions for each position are also included in most of these books.

The internet is also an avenue to find additional information and tips about the different basketball positions. Famous basketball players for each position can also be found on some websites.