July 22, 2024

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Go Kart Frames

Go Kart Frames

The strength of a go kart frame is the underlying factor for the base of your go kart. So you really cannot avoid this aspect. The other name used for this frame is chassis. The utility of this chassis is that it makes the tire grip the ground firmly. So it helps you to ride it in a fast and comfortable way.

This chassis is made up of steel and generally fixed to the axles, and it holds the go kart strongly. The chassis works exactly like the suspension of a car. While you are racing you might have to go for various turns. So for this reason you need a strong, flexible and durable frame.

Mainly there are 4 types of go kart frames found in the market. These forms of frames are generally used in different kinds of karts and they are Open, Caged, Straight and Offset. In case of the caged frames, you will find roll over cage which helps you to avoid all kinds of accidents. It reduces damage also.

Whereas the open frame is not as strong as the caged, so it is not used that much. The straight frames are those where the driver sits in the middle. These frames are generally seen in the sprint type of race.

In the offset frame the driver sits on the left side of the kart. These kinds of frames can be seen in the speedway racing. These frames are made in such a way that in any kind of left turns this chassis will not break up and will grip the ground strongly.

Not all kinds of go kart frame suit all kinds of tracks. Like for the dry track you need to have a stiff frame. But the level of stiffness in the frame must not be very high as it tends to break.