July 22, 2024

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Great Binoculars For Watching NASCAR Events

Great Binoculars For Watching NASCAR Events

So what is important for NASCAR / Motorsport Binoculars
In many respects, binoculars for NASCAR or Motorposrt can be very similar to other sporting events. The difference however is that Motorsport spectators usually find themselves in very hot, humid and crowded surroundings, more so than other sporting events. You only need to look at a NASCAR event to see how congested the spectator stands can be. As a result, choosing the right pair of binoculars involves extra considerations to make sure they last longer and keep performing.

When choosing a pair of binoculars for NASCAR events there are 3 crucial features you should have:
– A Rugged exterior
– Compact
– Broad field of view

Instead of pointing to specific models of binoculars that are suitable, this guide serves to highlight the key features you want to look out for when picking binoculars to watch NASCAR events. There are plenty of models out there that differ in one way or the other, but armed with an understanding of what crucial features your binoculars must have you can then make choices at your local optics shop according to budget, specifications etc.

Is a Rugged Exterior that important?
Having a pair of rugged binoculars seems very common, but for NASCAR spectators it is probably more of a necessity than a “nice to have”. NASCAR events are filled with packed spectator stands and people moving back and forth usually with food and drinks in hand. It is not uncommon for people watching sports to accidentally drop their binoculars or have it knocked by a nearby spectator. Placed in such surroundings for a couple of hours means you cannot afford to have a delicate pair of binoculars.

So what do I need to look for when buying rugged binoculars? First of all, rugged binoculars tend to have some form of rubber armour covering it. This rubber armour does not make the binoculars completely shockproof but what it does provide is a minimum level of protection from accidental drops or knocks.

The added advantage of having these moulded rubber armour coverings is the extra grip it affords. In a NASCAR event the temperatures can rise quite quickly so sweat can sometimes make gripping a pair of binoculars difficult. Extra grip gives you the chance to hold on more tightly and secure your binoculars.

An additional feature to look out for is a waterproof feature. As mentioned, NASCAR racing has lots of people carrying around drinks so accidental spills are not out of the ordinary. On top of that, one can never be too careful with sudden weather changes such as rain. When choosing a pair of binoculars always look for one that has a waterproof feature.

Compact binoculars are easy to carry around and use!
The main reason why you would want a pair of compact binoculars for your NASCAR event is that they are significantly easier to bring around. If you have not had a bulky pair of binoculars before it will be hard to understand what a difference a smaller pair can make to your sporting experience. Motorsports is not a stay at home and keep still kind of event, you are constantly moving around and trying to get into better positions to see all the action so a compact pair of binoculars is paramount!

The other main benefit that many people forget about with compact binoculars is that they are a lot easier to use. Large binoculars tend to be very heavy and this makes it difficult to hold when viewing. Simple things such as moving from left to right, or keeping your hands steady become very difficult with larger binoculars. It is because of these reasons that large binoculars usually require a tripod. In NASCAR racing you do not have space or time to be using a tripod so compact binoculars are far more suitable.

Usually binoculars with a 32mm – 42mm sized lens are a good size for NASCAR events.

Having a broad field of view is very important
Now that you’ve found a pair of binoculars that are rugged and compact, its time to look at magnification. Many people assume that high magnification binoculars are always better. This is not the case especially for NASCAR spectators. Higher magnification means you get a closer view of the action but this is not a good thing for a high speed sport like NASCAR. Imagine using a pair of binoculars that has enough magnification to get a good look at the drivers face before the race. This seems great at first, until the race starts. Once the cars start racing each driver will zoom past so quickly that their face, or car for that matter, will be barely visible,

Instead, NASCAR spectators should consider using lower magnification binoculars (at most an 8x magnification) that will give a closer view of the action without being too zoomed in. Lower magnification binoculars make it easy to find the next on coming car. High magnification binoculars on the other hand are so zoomed in that trying to spot the next on coming car will be very difficult. Avoid binoculars with a 10x magnification. This is normally too high to see anything meaningful.

So what now?
Now that you know the key criteria for picking out a pair of NASCAR / Motorsport binoculars all you need to do is drop into an Optics shop and let them know what you want. Most optic shops make it easy to buy binoculars and you just need to let them know what key criteria you are after. Do not be too worried with understanding all the jargon about optics, just make sure the binoculars fulfill the main criteria for your use and you’ll be sure to have a great NASCAR experience.