July 22, 2024

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Greyhound Handicapping Trifecta Wagering Method Using Early Speed

Greyhound Handicapping Trifecta Wagering Method Using Early Speed

I am going to explain my system of greyhound handicapping. I Focus mainly on ES or early speed. Open a results chart of any greyhound track and you will see the dog that gets to the 1/8th call first will finish either in the win or place position well over 80% of the time. No other factor comes close. This is only 1 factor and you need to consider other factors like Late Speed, Class, Time – I use Daily Track Variants like the Beyer Speed Figures for horse racing. I have done the math and made my own calculations to compute this factor, and post position. Each of these factors must be computed for each track at each distance and every grade. Seems like a lot of work and honestly it is. But it is because of this hard work that 99% of the public will not take the time & effort it takes to do this It’s not needed that you do all that work for this method to work for you. You need to be good enough to pick the dog that can get to the lead at your racetrack of choice.

Back to the #1 factor – ES (early speed). Say there are 15 races on a card for your racetrack. You will most likely find only a few playable races. A playable race is one in which you KNOW ( albeit you can never know 100%) a certain greyhound will make the lead. For example, an inside runner from an inside post position. For this example we will use the #2 box. You look and see this dog can break and if it gets lead will hang on for win or place. Now you have to look at the adjacent post positions and hopefully no conflicts of running style will be found like the #1 going wide or #3 has a habit of breaking to inside. So we have found the 1 dog a slow breaker and the 3 dog is also slow and runs outside. No other dog in said race seems like it can make it past your #2 dog to the turn. Well, you have just found a playable race. I find typically on a 15 race card that I can play 2-4 races. You must have the discipline to not bet the other races. Only bet on ones in which you know you have the edge. Pass on all other races. With all that being said I then focus on eliminating the 2 worst dogs in the race and picking 2 other dogs – one of which will come in the money. Then I use my trifecta wagering method as such:

The 1 stands for my Key dog. 2 and 3 are 2nd & 3rd choices. etc.

$1 Tri part wheels 1/23/23456 $8 1/456/23 $6 23/1/23456 $8 456/1/23 $6 this is a total amount of $28 per race. I have listed on my website my picks and results and current winning percentage which is at 71.4%. If you can hit over 20% of your trifectas you’re going to make money, at least with this system. The Hardest part is picking the Key Dog. 2nd hardest is picking 2 dogs to not finish in the trifecta and to me the easiest is to pick 2 other dogs of which only one of them has to at least show. This is how I handicap & wager. I post picks randomly, usually for Palm Beach Kennel Club. I thus far have always been able to submit my free selections by Saturday night for the Sunday race card.