July 22, 2024

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Greyhound Laying Systems Used at Betfair

Greyhound Laying Systems Used at Betfair

Making money on Greyhounds by laying on Betfair with a Greyhound System can be a harder task than most people would think. While laying on horse racing is far more popular, there is an increasing trend in laying greyhounds however the odds can suffer at times due to the smaller sized fields. One important thing to always remember when laying greyhounds is that you need a simple yet effective system to make money long term given that you need to be successful in laying in several different races to accumulate enough for an overall profit.

The same principal as horse racing does apply to greyhound racing though and that is that you should always look at a greyhounds form to try and rule out that it is a chance at winning the race. Remember we need the Greyhound to lose not win. Looking back at past form as well as sticking to a method that both includes successful selections and money management is crucial to overall profits with Betfair Laying. Never step away from the method rules that you put in place. If a greyhound does not qualify then simply move onto the next race.

Remember profit is the key here not betting just for the sake of having a bet. This is where so many punters go wrong. When looking to lay on the greyhounds I like to look at greyhounds who are up there with the leaders but keep getting beaten. Look for greyhounds that have finished 2nd to 5th in their last 3 starts. These greyhounds are the ones you should be picking as you don’t want to pick the winner but you also don’t want to pick the greyhound that is picked to come second last or last as the money is not going to be as good for these.

Betfair is great for greyhound laying as they do cover quite a lot of different race meetings which can give you variety as well as help you figure out the greyhound tracks that you wish to concentrate on. As a rule I like to pick greyhound tracks that are close to me as I know a lot of the greyhounds form that are racing. It also makes you more confident in making your selections.