June 22, 2024

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Horse Racing Handicapping Ideas

Horse Racing Handicapping – 3 Ways to Choose a Winner

Betting in a horse race is all about picking the horse with the best chances of winning and horse racing handicapping is the best way to do this. This is an opinion endorsed by experts over the years.

A lot of theories regarding horse racing handicapping have been developed recently and these theories or angles as they are called, are proving to be very helpful to those who are serious about their betting.

1. Speed Figures Handicapping

The most popular angle in horse racing handicapping, this theory requires the handicapper to look for the figures that denote the speed at which each horse has run in the previous races. These figures are available in the Daily Racing Forms, but the internet, with its plethora of articles and analytical discussions provide the best information. The horse with the best timings normally wins a race. This angle has its drawbacks. The fact that the information is so easily available renders it ineffective to some extent. The easy accessibility of the speed figures enables everyone and anyone to use them in picking the winner, thereby diminishing the individual winnings. But in spite of that, this is an effective angle and most handicappers use it.

2. Trainer Handicapping

This is another very popular and effective angle in horse racing handicapping. It is popularly accepted that the trainer has the ability to extract the best performance from a racehorse. Researchers have realized that horses trained by certain trainers come up winners more frequently than other horses. There are some trainers who have the knack of even converting a horse considered to be a poor bet into a winner by improving its performance. Finding out how a horse, at the beginning of its career is taken to the winning post by a trainer, or how a trainer makes a winner out of a horse which has recently come to him, will be advantageous to a handicapper. Information about the performances of trainers is also readily available and that limits the financial gains from this angle.

3. Pace Handicapping

Pace handicapping is a system where the handicapper selects a winner based on the speeds of a horse in individual stretches of a race. This theory advocates the idea that a horse that runs the early stretches fast and gains a lead at the beginning of a race, is more likely to become the winner. If a horse had run past races at very fast speeds even though it had lost the race, it had better than even chances of winning the present race. This is what this angle suggests. This theory too has its drawbacks. An account of the performances of a certain horse regarding its pace may not have considered other aspects like track and weather conditions. Each horse has its own individual abilities and handicaps making it difficult to compare horses based only on their speeds.

These and a few other horse racing handicapping angles, like Class Handicapping and Physicality Handicapping are arguably the best methods to select a winner in a horse race.

Horse Racing Handicapping