July 23, 2024

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Horse Racing: How To Find False Favorites And Remove Them – Part 2

Horse Racing: How To Find False Favorites And Remove Them – Part 2

How to find false favorites and remove them can be done to some degree with these pointers. To begin: (1) Lack of racing knowledge of the horse. (2) Didn’t win last time but looks like the horse can win over the favorite. (3) If the horse looks like an obvious winner in every way with low odds then pass. (4) The last beaten winner or favorite may not be good today. (5) Focus on class in high-grade races. (6) How will the race be run today (pace shapes, run styles, etc.). (7) Focus heavily on the form of the horses.

Once you find the false favorite(s) use Profitcapping. Profitcapping is the wagering, money, profit and return on investment side of racing. For there are two major sides to racing: profitcapping and handicapping. (8) Look for a horse willing to win other than the favorite. (9) Study the track bias and see if the favorite fits. (10) In sprints concentrate on the horse’s form. (11) Big time jockeys win more than small time jockeys. See who’s riding the favorite. (12) Go to the paddock before the race starts to see the physical health of the horses.

Also: (13) Look and see what the favorite today did last time at the same distance and race conditions. (14) There are false favorites and false long shots. You must identify both. (15) Which horse today have done exactly what is asked of it today. (16) Has this horse ever won on today’s ground conditions? Be careful it may be a legitimate favorite. (17) Look for horses that can beat the favorite because they are specialist on turf or at this distance or on this surface or specifically on today’s track.

Also: (18) What stall is favorite in today? Trouble can start at the gate at the beginning of the race. (19) Don’t bet the longest long shots in 11 and 12 field sizes by using the morning line as a guide. These horses have less than a 1.5% chance of coming in the win position. (20) Don’t bet women jockeys to win in mainly male jockey races. (21) If a horse in its last race had odds of 59/1 or more from the Last Allowed Odds or LAO from the daily racing form don’t play it to win. (22) If a favorite horse don’t have the best form of all horses today don’t play it to win. (23) If an apprentice jockey is on the favorite don’t play it. (24) If the favorite has no wins in its last seven races don’t use it as favorite.

Also: (25) A horse needs a break and if the favorite hasn’t had a break in 20-30 days he/she is tired. Don’t play it to win. (26) The favorite don’t have published workouts in the last 10-15 days. (27) The favorite isn’t proven at today’s distance and/or surface. (28) The stable that owns the horse wins less than 10%. (29) The jockey wins less than 10%. (30) The jockey/trainer combination wins less than 10%. (31) The favorite has had multiple losses at very low odds. (32) The favorite has had 10 starts or more but comes in second and third in other races.

Also: (33) Any favorite that loss last time but favored today. There are other points but these should help. How to find false favorites and remove them is needed every time you play.