June 18, 2024

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Horse Racing: The Secret Of The Difference Between Profitcapping And Value Capping

The difference between profitcapping and value-capping is huge and is as different as night and noon. At the same time value-capping has many positive things about it. The basics of value-capping are: (1) bet only horses you like. If you don’t like a horse(s) don’t bet on that horse(s). (2) Pick horses that the public shouldn’t like. The public gets the win position horse 33% of the time. 67% of the time the public doesn’t. Meaning that the horses that the public don’t like come in win position 67% of the time. (3) You can’t know beforehand what the order-of-finish of the race will be.

That includes every player. So have little to no doubt about the horse(s) you pick. (4) In racing the word ‘bet’ is used. This produces a gamblers frame of mind. Which puts the player in a specific state of mind and at a disadvantage in the game because this can be manipulated by those who run game. The words: wager, value invest and investment instruments are others which are much stronger indeed. Because they put the player in a business frame of mind. So in value-capping the words ‘value invest’ is used.

Which is business and not a gamblers words. The player ‘value invest’ from their own personally chosen risks levels. (5) If you like the horse that the public likes then take a long hard look at this. If necessary pass the horse or the whole race itself. (6) When the bet – makes you – you then have no doubts and you feel good about what you’re doing. But when you make the bet you have lots of doubt. The bet must make you. (7) One of the main things of value-capping is to know when to pass or to play a race(s).

Also: (8) Statistics is used only for today’s race and without months to years outlook and therefore value-capping is very short-term and not long-term. Profitcapping on the other hand is: (a) to always to put more than one horse in any position or slot on your ticket. The more horses on your ticket the higher your chances of winning. (b) select horses not based on feelings or emotions but what you know “WORKS”. (3) racing is a business so your only frame of mind is business and you’re investing and not ‘betting’.

Profitcapping is – long-term – in the sense of days, weeks, months and 10 or more years outlook of predicting profit or money to be made. And also includes short-term. A stark difference between it and value-capping. Profitcapping uses things that are totally unknown to value-capping. This is part of the secret of the difference between profitcapping and value-capping.