July 23, 2024

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How to Jump Higher on the Basketball Court – Vertical Leap Mastery For Dunking Success

How to Jump Higher on the Basketball Court – Vertical Leap Mastery For Dunking Success

Have you ever gazed up towards a ten foot basketball hoop and wished that you were able to jump high enough to slam dunk the basketball? You might dream of having the skills of a basketball player the likes of which you see on TV. The guys who have a height advantage may have the upper hand when it comes to basketball, but when you see them flying through the air and slam dunking with conviction, perhaps you also daydream about being the giant who flies above the court. Some smaller people have the natural ability to leap, but they are few and far between, but mere mortals such as us – both big and small – have to put in effort when it comes to dunking a basketball.

I may have a height advantage being 6’5″ myself, but players around me less than six feet tall are jumping high enough to slam the basketball. Why would that be? When it comes to dunking, smaller guys have an initial disadvantage. Since they’ve got the most airspace to cover they try even harder to reach that height. In what way? Well, similar to all physical activities, eating right, training, and working out are the solutions.

A Solid Diet
You needn’t worry since we won’t make you swear off food and survive on foliage. Being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself, but you should choose healthy, nutritious foods. Nutrition is actually a subject of its own, however these are a few pointers. Lower your intake of saturated type fats, i.e. deep fried meals. Do your best to eat complex carbs. i.e. Substitute white bread with a brown one. The main thing is to consume more protein in your diet from sources like meat and nuts.

Strengthen Legs
In order to build the foundation for a greater jumping ability, you will need to exercise your legs. With this activity involving a lot of jumping, exercises such as squats, dead lifts, leg curls and leg raises can prove to be beneficial.

Become Faster And Explosive
This is really vital and may actually make a difference. Naturally jumping will launch you, however dunking requires attacking the hoop. Never mind with half-hour tedious jogs using a treadmill machine. Wouldn’t it be better to sprint 20 seconds in each minute and the other 40 seconds jogging over a 15 minute period? That is only one of the many exercises available that can help your explosiveness.

Make Strides To Actually Jump Higher
You can improve just by jumping whenever you can. A few methods help, like repeatedly jumping with one leg until you “feel the burn” and then repeat with your other side. An additional step is standing on a staircase’s initial step, with your feet edging off of it with your toes bearing every bit of your weight, then merely push your weight with your toes, and release down, and do it once again. Hopefully, this read has given you a little bit of inspiration to go out there and start jumping higher.