February 21, 2024

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Killer Tips on Coaching High School Soccer

When it comes to coaching high school soccer, the first step towards success is the confidence building amongst players who have the potential to become brilliant players. When you declare that the players are under immense pressure, you as a coach are hinting to the fact that your players lack confidence to face a situation. This is because it is only with confidence that we expect success.

Confidence again is a matter of choice and only a player can make this choice. In coaching youth soccer, use the behaviors of two parrots perched on either shoulders to demonstrate this point.

Out of the two, one has a positive behavior and he keeps telling the player to face the challenges head on by saying “You can do it.” The second one is a negative parrot that is always cautioning the player “You can’t do this.” And it’s their choice to select which player to pay attention to.

Once the choice has been made, teach them to take responsibility for their actions. This choice may have to made every single day. Build confidence in the players by emphasizing their involvement in past successes and ready successful players to make a strong team.

Train the players of the fact that in soccer coaching that putting the blame on something or someone else is a mark of insecurity. Rather teach players to take the setbacks as an integral part of the learning curve and not something to deter their confidence levels.

Also, in coaching high school soccer, the players should learn by heart the phrase “I’ll get the next one” to keep them going whenever they lose any opportunity. Automatically, the confidence for the next strike overshadows the distress of the miss.

A team is said to be successful if you have the ability to make quick judgments regarding a player’s ability to survive in competition. Judging physical readiness in football coaching is relatively easier than judging mental readiness.

Such a judgment needs clear messages. It is necessary to deeply go through the player’s spoken and unspoken messages about his or her knack to succeed in the game.

Success and confidence share a parent- child relationship. And success in soccer is more likely when you know you have done everything you could to get ready for situations that might build pressure. “If you are not preparing to win, you are preparing to fail” is a phrase often used to motivate players.

Experience is essential to build confidence. The players must be accustomed to their doubts, mistakes, defeats and condemnation so as to establish the experience they need. The feeling that he or she has the knowledge has some experience and knows how to handle the situations, always prevails.

Never doubt it. In coaching high school soccer, constructing confidence is a daily task and hence, players should intimate on the key steps to find out their positives.

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