February 21, 2024

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Learn Killer Street Based Martial Arts Techniques!

This article will cover a few martial arts strategies and excellent tips that can be cited to an assortment of fighting techniques, giving you the edge you need in any critical life or death situations.

Learn Street Martial Arts Techniques 1: Trapping Trapping literally means physically preventing any attacker from hitting you or raising their limbs to attempt to hit you. In order to do this, restrain your attacker by holding their arm tightly to their thorax, and taking advantage of their immobility by hitting them multiple times with your other hand.

Get Street Martial Arts Techniques 2 – Many people believe that high kicks like the ones you find in taekwondo to be completely useless in a life or death battle. However, in a true fight, you should never engage in any action that will alter your balance or allow your attacker to do so, as this will shift the advantage to your attacker instead. Refrain from trying to kick at the head, instead choosing to focus on areas like the shins, knees, and groin.

Learn Street Martial Arts Techniques 3 – Causing as much damage and pain to your attacker by striking the weak and vulnerable areas. Clean fighting does not apply here, and you should be ready to do whatever it takes to guard yourself or someone else, meaning you may have to engage in trachea hits, groin kicks, biting, or anything else to defeat your attacker. Remember that there is no such thing as a code of conduct in the streets.

Learn Street Martial Arts Techniques 4 – Keep everything simple, and remember to practice basic defense techniques such as barring blows and keeping distance. Try to keep all your movements short and close, learning to halt blows in order to protect yourself, but never overextend your reach.

You also want to be able to use as many self defense techniques and martial arts moves you have learned in the past. I also highly recommend that you train in as many different styles of martial arts and self defense that you can.

Also be sure you work out and train with weights and do cardio exercise four times a week. Being in good physical condition is one of the street martial arts techniques you must learn to insure you survive any street based self defense attack.

Follow the tips I’ve outlined and stay safe and alert everywhere you go and be sure to always be prepared!