June 22, 2024

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Have you ever had a hunch that something was going to happen – and it did? Maybe you had a feeling that you should stop and get a lottery ticket and it came in and paid you a little bit of money.

Maybe you looked at a dog and felt like you should bet it and it won. We all get hunches and feelings from time to time. Sometimes they pay off and sometimes they don’t. So is there a way to get better at hunches and feelings?

Believe it or not, there is. Because scientists know that hunches or feelings are actually based on things that you “know, but you don’t know” if that makes any sense. What happens is that part of your mind knows something or notices something and tries to tell you about it.

Since the part of your mind that forms hunches isn’t directly in contact with the rest of your brain, it has to give you the message in a subtle way. So you get a hunch, because that part of your brain notices that the 1 dog is a dog who loves to run the rail and the other dogs near the rail are slow to get out.

You look at the 1 dog in the program and think maybe you’ll bet it, but you don’t know why. It doesn’t look that good percentage-wise and it’s not the classiest dog in the race. Why, you ask yourself, do I like this dog?

Well, if your subconscious mind could answer you, it’d tell you about the inside post factor, but it can’t so you may or may not bet the dog. Some people pay attention to hunches and some people don’t. It may depend on whether your hunches have paid off in the past.

Anyone can get better at hunches and feelings though, if they pay attention to little things, make notes and keep track of all the factors that predict winners.

That way, when your mind notices something that could help you handicap, it’ll nudge you with a hunch or feeling about the dog. If you get used to this, you’ll be able to use it to pick winners.