June 22, 2024

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Martial Arts – Oriental Prowess

Most of today’s martial arts originated in Asia and they generally come from China, Japan and Korea. Before WWII, Asia’s these arts had been generally confined within the continent. The way out for was through Japan during the onset of the war. After the war, the United States got influenced by the military from stationed in Asia and upon their return, many of their friends back home were curious about this new hand combat techniques that could turn down a larger and stronger opponent. This gave birth to the exodus of martial arts to the west.

Today, the arts have affected the United States that so many of Hollywood’s movies certainly had been spattered with kicks and punches coming from its Asian origins. Quite a handful of today’s blockbuster title-holders came with martial arts portions along the length of the movie and more movies have fight sequences that show off some karate skills. There is no denying that the East is slowly invading the west and for long, this exodus has been going on. 

One of Hollywood’s most celebrated artists, Jackie Chan has stood his ground for the last decade and he has been strong ever since. He has been paired with the likes of Owen Wilson and other Hollywood stars and had block-buster movies behind his belt. The Asian martial arts had concretized its legacy in the combat arena. It’s a fight that the Orientals have diligently fought and won.

Another Oscar worthy creation was “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” which even more paved the way for more martial arts-inspired movies in Hollywood than ever. “The Karate Kid” on the other hand, which according to the news also hits the record high for a Jackie Chan movie.

Who would have known that a country like the United States, very well known by everyone as the only super power that is still existing today would be influenced by the fighting prowess of the Japanese or the Koreans and the Chinese. Who would have known that their magic would capture the imagination of this powerful country?

Today, while these arts probably have become just an ordinary past time for most people, its humble and colorful history tells us that through these disciplines the world has become a smaller place for people; that after all, the world doesn’t have borders to keep one another out rather a world that should display dependency and generosity emanating from the true spirit of humanity, of unity and oneness.