June 22, 2024

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Pattaya: Never Ending Entertainment

Pattaya has become a major tourist destination today in Thailand, after Bangkok. It offers a wonderful range of activities to its visitors from beaches to museums, temples, parks and so on.

One of its main attractions are the lovely beaches, the Pattaya beach, the Jomtien beach, the Naklua & Wong Prachan beach and the Koh Larn. Of these if you are looking for water sports and lots of beach activities, then the Pattaya beach and the Jomtien beach are the best places to visit. However, if you are looking for quiet relaxation, then The Naklua & Wong Prachan beach is a better option. Koh Larn and other small islands near Pattaya can be visited by a motorboat or by ferry and make a great day tour.

Other than this, Pattaya is a great place for golfers as it has around 21 golf courses within one hour’s drive from Pattaya. These conform to international standards and are quite popular. Additionally one may enjoy, snorkeling, water skiing, paragliding and other activities at its beaches and the innumerable small islands that are easily within reach. The Pattaya Water Park and Tower Park located at Jomtien Beach has water slides, whirlpools and other water activities along with revolving restaurants while the Funny Land Amusement Park has a large variety of games to keep visitors occupied.

The Million Years Stone Park and the Crocodile Farm is a living museum that offers a unique glimpse of rare plants and animals along with fossils and a rock garden. It is also a breeding ground for crocodiles. The Sriracha Tiger Zoo is a home to about 200 tigers as well as a large number of crocodiles. It is also popular for its animal shows. The Elephant Village provides shelter to old or injured elephants that can no longer work. It does not only offer elephant rides but also shows about their lifestyle. Pattaya also offers a unique experience in the form of Underwater World which takes the visitors inside a tunnel beneath the sea. This aquarium displays various species of local as well as international marine life.

Pattaya offers a number of theme parks that behold the visitor with their beauty. Among these is the Three Kingdoms Theme Park that is based on the Chinese epic ‘Romance of the Three Kings’. There is also the ‘Sanctuary of Truth’ which is a large structure made of wood and symbolizes the four most important philosophies in Thailand. Another place that interests tourists is Mini Siam and Mini Europe that has miniature models of all famous structures around the world. Another place of interest is the Bottle Art museum. Unique to Thailand it has on display several miniatures inside bottles. This handmade artwork never ceases to amaze tourists. The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum has such mind boggling displays from all over the world that they have to be seen to be believed.

These are just a few places of interest for families visiting Pattaya. It has so much more to offer and one can never be bored here no matter what your interests are.