June 22, 2024

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Play Fantasy Football – Terms Newbie Players Must Understand

Guys and gals who play fantasy football to win know they have to get the basic concepts under their belt before they go a blow an entire season.

Bye Week – During the regular season, every team in the NFL has a bye week. During a bye week, football players get a chance to rest and heal as their team does not have to play a game that week. Bye weeks are used in the real NFL to give a team and the team’s players a break to review plays and just to refresh the players. Fantasy football bye weeks can make or break your chances for winning. Don’t pick players that have the same bye week because you may limit your options for plays and points. Make sure your roster has players in as many different bye weeks as possible.

Cheat Sheet – You need to arm yourself with a cheatsheet to have during your league’s draft. A cheat sheet is a list of players, usually ranked by position or importance, that you as an owner want to draft. As players are selected, be sure to cross them off your cheat sheet so you can be ready with your next pick when your turn comes around. Before your draft, research the players you are interested in drafting and arrange them in the order that you want to select them, and use that as a guide during your draft.

Commissioner – The commissioner is the person in charge of the league. As a fantasy football player you need to know who this is and understand the rules set forth by the commissioner. This person makes all the important decisions for the league and usually sets up the draft and any other events. They also usually set up the website for your league and keep track of all the records, schedules, and stats.

Handcuffing – Handcuffing is when you draft a star player like a running back or quarterback, and then just in case they get injured and can’t play you also draft their backup. Handcuffing can be effective for running backs since there are very few great running backs in the NFL, but it isn’t recommended for other positions.

Keeper League – In a normal fantasy football draft, every team starts empty and owners select their team through a draft. Every year the teams start from scratch and draft again. In a keeper league the entire league does a draft and the season plays out like normal. However, after the first season the teams do not re-draft, they keep their roster for the next year as well.

Mock Draft – A mock draft is an estimate of what players will go where before the draft actually takes place. This can be very useful to new fantasy football players. It will help you gauge who you will be able to take with your first few picks. However, fantasy football drafts are very unpredictable and a mock draft is an only an estimate of what could happen.

Team Position – Your team’s position in the draft is the sequence number that you pick your players. Some drafts follow a normal patter of teams picking from the #1 spot until every team has selected and then start over. Other drafts use a “snake style” draft where all teams will pick in order until all the teams have made one selection and then start over round two going in reverse order. As a fantasy football player your draft picks fall according to your team position. The position determines when you select your players.