June 15, 2024

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Preparing Your Camera for Underwater Filming

The GoPro Hero and Hero2 video cameras are great for taking videos in the water and underneath the water. There are many options and accessories for mounting the camera and safety devices, as well. The GoPro camera can take great videos of water sports like surfing, wind surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water slides, tubing, jet skiing, fishing, and backyard pools. Just about any type of water activity could very well be easily and effectively recorded while using GoPro camera.

When filming submerged, it is very important use the standard (flat) lens. Otherwise, the picture will come out with dull colors. Also, many have tried using a do-it-yourself lens cover in addition to the waterproof housing, which can permit the picture to be in focus and still provide 1080p resolution. Also, there’s a new “dive” housing that includes a flat surface that works more effectively underwater in comparison to the standard “dome” housing.

GoPro features a “floaty” back for the underwater housing, as well. This is an adhesive floating pack which will rescue the camera and housing if dropped while in the water. The floaty back doesn’t only float the camera and housing, but it really seems to be equipped to float each type of mount except the adhesive mount one would use on to attach the housing to a surfboard. If one is utilizing the adhesive mount, experts recommend to add some form of safety tether to the surfboard or another surface in case the adhesive mount fails within the water.

The GoPro camera has been analyzed using its underwater housing at a depth of 200 feet for more than 60 minutes without leaking. This is also true whether or not the mount has the flat “dive” mount or the standard “dome” mount.

While recording submerged, a red filter can certainly help the color scheme that is heavily green and blue otherwise. There are filters which can be attached to the standard housing to accommodate a red filter. The water color is lighter, and the objects in the water appear truer in color.

Once, a GoPro camera was dropped by a windsurfer and recovered after two months by a surfer. The camera inside the housing was undamaged, and there was no water leakage. The film of the windsurfer remained in good shape, and the history of the camera drifting down to the bottom of the shallow sea bed was complete, as well.

The GoPro camera is really a genuine winner, once it is modified, to film underwater. The high resolution images and video make any underwater experience come to life with dazzling actions and colors.