June 22, 2024

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Sex Fetishes: Wrestling for Sensual Pleasure

The range of sex fetishes is extensive and includes something for just about every taste. One of the more popular sex fetishes involves wrestling, either as a spectator or a participant sport. Men who enjoy this particular fetish may need to take appropriate penis care steps when engaging in it, but it can provide a worthwhile erotic thrill for many.

The appeal

It’s actually quite easy to understand why wrestling has a sensual appeal for many men. After all, the activity involves participants who typically wear little clothing or, alternatively, skintight clothing; in either case, their bodies are prominently on display. The exertion in wrestling creates sweat and grunting, which mimics the feeling many men encounter during rigorous sexual exercises. And the bodies of the participants are writhing and twisting in a manner which is easily described as sexual.

While many men watch wrestling, either male or female, simply for the fun of watching an over-the-top kind of sporting event, many also enjoy the arousal that such viewing creates. And while many men who participate in wrestling do so with absolutely no sexual interest, some others find that the close body contact does lead to intense excitement.

The fetish

Defining exactly when an interest becomes a fetish is difficult; however, it seems logical that if a man watches or participates in wrestling primarily because it causes him to feel sexually engaged, he is indulging in a wrestling-based fetish.

There is nothing wrong with this, providing that the circumstances are such that any actions he takes in terms of sexual engagement occur in an appropriate consensual setting. There are many of these.


For example, sometimes a man may pay to wrestle with another person, with the explicit understanding that he is going to get sexually excited by doing so and may act on that excitement. Similarly, a man may also opt to pay to watch two other people wrestle, with the understanding that he intends to masturbate as he watches. In either case, the wrestlers may or may not be clothed, depending upon the arrangement made in advance.

Of course, many times two partners may participate in sensual wrestling on their own, as part of their own lovemaking. In such instances, the partners need to set their boundaries as to what is acceptable and what is not.

Among the ways in which wrestling can be incorporated into a couple’s sexual playtime are:

– Nude wrestling. Both participants are naked – and perhaps well oiled for an added sensual touch. They engage in attempts to “pin” the other to the mattress. The winner then gets to determine the next step, such as oral sex vs. intercourse, or perhaps which position the couple will use.

– Strip wrestling. Partners start out clothed and remove the opponent’s clothing as they wrestle.

– Spectator wrestling. One partner watches and pleasures himself as the other (while naked) wrestles an imaginary opponent. Some may wish to substitute an actual person for the imaginary opponent.

There are many other variations, of course. What is essential is that participants are careful; getting too “into” the activity might cause some injury.

Even without an injury, many men may find themselves finishing a bout of wrestling with a seriously sore (if very happy) penis. Engaging in sex fetishes with a physical component requires a man to use a first-class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) regularly. Penile soreness of any kind is addressed by a crème that includes quality moisturizers such as Shea butter and vitamin E, as well as a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid. It’s also advisable to find a cream with vitamin C, which is needed for good collagen production and penile firmness.