June 18, 2024

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Soccer Hall of Fame – The National Soccer Hall of Fame

The National Soccer Hall of Fame is home to many of the memorabilia of the sport in the United States from the past to present. It was established by some of the early professional and amateur players of the United States. On June 12, 1999, the $30 million museum building was officially opened to the public.

A video wall features videos of actual games played by the famous leagues of America. The museum also features a lot of computer kiosk where visitors can have fun with trivia all about the sport.

The museum different Hall of Fame galleries which includes:

  • American Youth Soccer Organization
  • National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association
  • National Soccer Coaches Association of America

The National Soccer Hall of Fame does not only preserve and promote the history of the sport in the country but also to honor the outstanding achievements and contributions of many of the American players of the sport. It also showcases and acknowledged the efforts made by coaches, trainers and officials who have helped develop the sport into what it had become now and being enjoyed by millions of American fans.

Since it started, there are around 220 members who have been inducted as Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony is being conducted every year and criteria are based on exemplary contribution for the sport.

It is a fact that many people have helped in prospering the sport in the country and deserves to be recognized. It will also encourage more American players to perform better and excel in their chosen field.