June 15, 2024

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Soccer Training Drill – Two Touch Soccer

Two touch soccer is a great soccer training drill for any team, as it will develop many attributes, it can develop skill, ball control, and quick thinking. Your team will reap the benefits as it will become easier for your team to retain possession of the ball and make them more difficult to play against.

The practice can involve teams of five players upwards, to a full team of eleven players per side.

As a player in the modern game, the time on the ball is very limited and its vital that your team keeps a good percentage of the possession, the player is allowed no more than two touches, one to control the ball and one to pass to a team mate. The player can use only one touch, but obviously no more than two, otherwise the game is the same as standard rules, but once a player has touched the ball twice he is unable to touch the ball again until it has been touched by someone else.

A modification that can be made rather than scoring ‘goals’ is to drop the goal keeper and play the ball over the touch line or goal line to score a point and then re-start the game from their own goal line.

The game will encourage quick thinking, speed and agility as the game will be played at a much faster pace. Players will develop creativity and will try new things, always looking and being aware of their team mates at all times, which is a great asset especially when young players are learning the game. Sometimes players can spin or turn another player with just one touch, and players will develop the freedom to try things they wouldn’t normally attempt.

One of the main benefits of two touch soccer, is the whole team will be developing off the ball movement, when this is done successfully it can make a team very difficult to play against. Good movement will make it easier for your team to keep possession of the ball, this will reap numerous benefits for your team.

Playing great soccer is not only about playing quickly but playing intelligently and two touch soccer will achieve that, it’s about using the space around you and reading the game

Players will learn how to control the ball quickly with one touch and develop accurate passing, two touch soccer will make players think before they get the ball and anticipate where they have to move to receive the ball and support their team-mates.

Players will also learn how to use their bodies to protect the ball when they receive the ball so a defender can’t take it off them and will also develop the ability to play with both feet

A perfect example of a team that play the quick passing game are Barcelona, with the now famed ‘tiki-taka’ style of play which is characterised by short passing and quick movement, working the ball through various channels and maintaining possession.

Two touch soccer is by no means a replacement for regular training, but a great addition that can develop many attributes, these include skill, speed, agility, fitness, and stamina, there is there is always the element of competition in the games and it can be a lot of fun too.