June 22, 2024

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Sports Arbitrage Opportunity For Football and Soccer

In soccer, arbitrage opportunities are almost endless thanks to the global coverage of every major league in the world.

OddsExchange, an odds comparison site is very useful in finding arb opportunities, not only for soccer but other sports as well. There are so many bookmakers that offer soccer results and that is a very good thing for us. It ensures many opportunities to pick up easy profits.

It is important to note that in UK, many of the bookies will compile similar odds so you would not find many such opportunities between 2 UK bookies in an English football game.

However, there are different odds to be found with European bookmakers which will lead to arbitrage opportunities for you. In your journey to hunt down arb opportunities you should open accounts with as many online bookies across the world as possible.

One of the best soccer tips is to start looking at lower leagues first and work your way up instead of the other way around. Remember there are very few experts on lower league football so more price differences are likely to exist here and so more arbitrage opportunities can be found.

If possible, get news before the bookies. Remember that with soccer you will find that news can change odds dramatically. The good news is that some bookies are much less responsive than others in changing odds and this will result in arbitrage opportunities being created.

Arbitrage opportunities can be found in other soccer markets such as corners and total goals but these are harder to find and your main hunt should be focused on the results after 90 minutes area. In other words, keep it simple, anything beyond 90 minutes might just confuse you.

An important tip that applies to any sport is that you should always secure the best price first, usually the one that is out of line with what other bookies are offering, because this price may not last.