June 22, 2024

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Stay Organized to Go Prepared for Adventure Sports

Being a responsible mom you accompany your kids to their games practice sessions. You check it with your children a million of times before leaving for the sports ground, “Do you have everything you need, are we ready to leave? Get your bag, wear your shoes, keep your water bottle, take your soccer ball, and take your mouth guards… We are leaving in next two minutes; make sure you are ready by then!” As usual being the good kids they are, “Yes mom, everything is done” is the usual response you receive from them.

As soon as you realize that you are late, you rush towards the door, take your wallet, cell phone and keys to the main door in order to leave, here comes the voice of your little ones who claimed to be ready few minutes ago, “Mom where are my shin and knee guards, I have only one of each pair” or “I am not getting my mouth guard, I am sure our dog took it.” Well, whether it is about the mouth guard, or shin and knee guards, it is a usually scenario is most of the houses when the mothers are trying to take their kids outside for the practice of a game.

Soon I realized that it has become an everyday habit to panic before going out. Therefore, in order to prevent myself from going insane and preventing my kids from leaving without full preparation, I decided to become organized with full commitment. My children love adventure sports, but that leaves me worrying about their safety. I want them to be fully prepared when they enter the sports ground. They should have sufficient protective accessories with them starting from helmet to mouth guards, elbow pads, shin and knee pads, or any other needed accessories.

I have found an easy way out that help me stay organized without going overboard about it. I have started keeping a basket next to the sofa in the living room. The children are seriously instructed to pour in everything from shin and knee guards to mouth guards in the basket. Children also have no problem with it since they just need to drop everything in the basket instead of somewhere else while watching TV. However, you need to ensure that only the accessories for current sports should be in the basket to avoid mess-up. For instance, if it is winter time when snow sports are preferred, remove all the soccer related items from the basket. Laundry bag too works quite well for this purpose. Also, small habits like keeping shoes in the shoe rack, books in the book shelves, etc can help in teaching them about the importance of staying organized and focused. Good luck on your venture of staying organized, I am sure you will need it!