July 22, 2024

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Steps To Make Your Swimming Pool ‘Go Green’

Steps To Make Your Swimming Pool ‘Go Green’

If someone tells you their pool has “gone green” the first thing you think of is algae and mold, right? Well in this instance, we’re talking about going green – in a good way. If you want your swimming pool to be environmentally friendly, you can take steps to make it an eco-friendly one. An easy way to go green is to move away from using chlorine to clean it and moving toward a salt system. Bear in mind that saline systems typically bring chlorine into the water.

If you and your family are looking to be more environmentally friendly in the house and want to extend it to your outdoor living area, here are some steps:

  • It might take longer to perform routine maintenance on your pool to make it work more efficiently and make your equipment last longer.
  • Adding a cover your pool. A pool cover prevents evaporation by up to 70% and will keep your pools’ temperature moderated.
  • Drop the temp. Try lowering your pool temperature a few degrees. Chances are you won’t notice a difference. With this step, not only can you reduce your carbon footprint but save money on electricity costs.
  • Add the salt. Salt water will still put some chlorine into the water but at a much lower level than cleaning your pool with chlorine tablets.
  • Non-peak hours. Don’t run pumps and other pool equipment during peak hours. Save money and use less energy by running your equipment when there is less demand on the power grid.
  • Green companies. When you’re looking for a pool maintenance company look for one that uses green practices. There are some pool companies that recycle and reuse the same water – a process that saves both money and a valuable resource-water.
  • Go natural. Natural swimming pools and ponds are a newish trend in the United States, but are quite popular in Europe. These pools are built to achieve a balanced eco system that is similar to the waters of a lake. The pool incorporates rocks to help with filtering the water, plants to destroy algae and natural bacteria is added to keep the water clean and safe for swimming.

You don’t have to be in the process of constructing a new pool to go green. Even if you have had your pool for a while you can still make a change to a more natural, environmentally friendly pool. Research and then call some pool contractors to see if they can help you go green.