February 21, 2024

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Street Fighting Moves – 4 Reasons Why Imitating Movie-Martial Arts Techniques Can Get You Killed

How many of us became first inspired to learn martial arts after we saw the grace, beauty and smooth moves of Bruce Lee, Jet Li or Jackie Chan (well, Jackie Chan when he isn’t doing comic Kung Fu)? There are many martial arts enthusiasts who regularly go to all of the martial arts movies in particular to check out the latest fight scene and cool moves. They use the movie standard which is based on fantasy play-fighting as a way to learn real self defense where their lives and that of their loves ones are at stake.

There are 4 reasons why imitating martial arts movie technique can get you seriously hurt or killed:

4 Reasons Why Movie-Martial Arts Can Get You Hurt Or Killed:

Reason #1 Why Movie-Martial Arts Can Get You Hurt Or Killed – Almost All Movie Directors Emphasize High And Leaping Kicks. Though impressive and nice for tournaments, in real street fighting confrontations, high and aerial kicks are the most unreliable because they are hard to land because your opponent’s body is always moving in and out of the line of the kick. When you jump into the air to spin then kick, you are presupposing that your opponent will still be there by the time you are ready to land the kick. What if he steps inward as you spin? You will miss every time, and the chances of your leg getting intercepted or caught on your way back down to the ground increases very highly.

Reason #2 Why Movie-Martial Arts Can Get You Hurt Or Killed – Movie Directors Train Actors To Telegraph Their Blows For The Audience – Any beginning martial artists knows that he or she should never telegraph a strike, that is, a blow should be quick and unexpected. If a director can’t show the audience where the strike begins and ends, the audience will not be impressed. In the streets, telegraphing your blows means that you will land very few.

Reason #3 Why Movie-Martial Arts Can Get You Hurt Or Killed – Actors Always Know Exactly What Move Their Fellow Actor Will Make – In real life street fighting, you never know what move your opponent is going to make ahead of time, so doing techniques based on the movie predictability of actors for a real street attack can be very hazardous to your bodily health.

Reason #4 Why Movie-Martial Arts Can Get You Hurt Or Killed – On The Movie Screen You Must Do The Spectacular Technique vs. The Most Effective Technique When real martial artists start out as movie actors, the techniques that they would naturally do for a particular fight situation are substituted by the director for techniques, though less practical or not very effective in real street fighting, are used nonetheless to impress a naive and very ignorant audience.

Remember, movie fights are made to only entertain. They are not meant to be audio-visual instruction for fighting. I assure you one thing. Jet Li, Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee would not fight on the street as they do in the movies. And neither should you.