June 22, 2024

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Are All About Chlorine, Right?

Swimming pool chemicals are all about chlorine. They’re enough to take care of the algae and keep the pool clean. Right?

Well… Wrong!

That’s the biggest mistake many a new swimming pool owner can make. While chlorine is a great cleanser for pool, you need more than one chemical to keep a pool clear and hygienic for swimming. You need water clarifiers and algaecides, sodium hypochlorite, and acids, just to name a few. Like any other chemicals, you have to be careful in handling them to avoid any danger to the swimmers and pool equipment. A subtle balance between the different chemicals is required to attain the desired water quality. So, it’s always best to consult an expert when you first use any chemical in your pool.

How does chlorine as part of the swimming pool chemicals help? When you get its level in the water right, chlorine will keep algae, or other plant lives, as well as germs and bacteria, from surviving. It does tend to give out an odor. So bromine is an alternative albeit more expensive.

If the algae issue is serious, you will need the right kind of pool water clarifiers and algaecides. Some products can cause discoloration, making the pool water hazy, so be aware when you’re choosing a algaecide. Make sure you also check the effective period to schedule the maintenance accordingly to prevent the algae from coming back.

Another pool sanitizer many pool owners use is sodium hypochlorite. You may be wondering what it is. It’s no more than the common bleach we all know and is often used to disinfect pools. Don’t mistakenly pour the household bleach into the pool though. They are of the same family yet different. Get the proper swimming pool bleach from pool supplies companies instead.

While keeping the swimming pool clean, don’t forget about maintaining the pH level. A slightly alkaline level between pH 7.4-pH 7.6 is just right for the swimmers and the pool. Some swimming pool chemicals already contain components to work towards the ideal pH level. There are also chemicals specifically just for increasing or decreasing the pH level.

A swimming pool is a place for you to enjoy and relax. You don’t want to risk the health of yourself, your friends and family. So regularly sanitize and clean the pool.