June 18, 2024

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The #1 Secret to Handicapping 8 Dog Races For Non-US Players

Many Non-US players are stumped by 8 dog races. Used to winnowing 6 dogs down to 1 or 2 likely winners, they balk when faced with 2 more dogs in the mix. Really though, it’s not as difficult as it might look. Good handicapping is good handicapping.

If you can compare the qualities of 6 greyhounds, you can do the same with 8. The trick is to start immediately by finding 2 greyhounds who aren’t really contenders, because of faults in form, class or consistency.

This may be somewhat awkward if you’re the type of handicapper who is used to looking for winners, rather than eliminating losers. However, with some practice and patience, you can train yourself to look for weak points, rather than strong points.

Do any of the dogs strike you as not being in their proper class for this race? Have any of them been running in lesser grades, just moved up and are contending against better dogs than they’ve been used to? Is there a dog who hasn’t run in the money in 3 or more races after moving up in grade? These are dogs you can generally scratch from contention.

Once you’ve narrowed the field down by 2 dogs, you’ve arrived at what you’re used to doing: handicapping a 6 dog race. Simply go on as you usually do when you handicap greyhound races in your home country, keeping in mind a couple of differences in betting practices in the US.

For instance, if you’re actually AT a US track, don’t look around for a bookmaker, because there aren’t any. There are only totes and usually betting machines where you can insert cash or a winning wagering slip and bet in privacy. Many people prefer this way of betting, because it’s visual and there’s no chance of mis-speaking your bet.

If you ARE betting at a US track, keep in mind that unlike betting with bookmakers, the odds aren’t fixed until the bell rings to signal the close of betting and the start of the race. You can bet a dog at 15-1 odds and have it drop to a favorite at 2-1 before it comes in. So, sometimes your payoff isn’t what you think it will be. This is why many Non-US bettors prefer to bet online with a reputable bookmaking firm like Ladbrokes or someone similar.

Of course, the main thing is picking the dog that comes in and that’s the same wherever you bet. Good handicapping skills are the same the world over. Gaining them takes time and practice and trying techniques out on old programs, before you lay down your money with either a tote or a bookmaker.