June 22, 2024

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The 10 Commandments of Horse Racing

Rule # 1.) – Bet with in your comfort level

One question you should ask yourself is how much you could bet on a race without getting nervous. So if you bet and lost a race you could easily go to the next one with a clear conscience. What is your bankroll and how much are you going to bet that day at the track. This is a very important question you should never bet more than you can afford to. With this system of betting on horses the odds are in your favor but you still have to be smart about the wagers you place. What I do is before I go to the track or bet on-line I know exactly what my limit is for the day. I use this based on the previous weeks results or my current bankroll. I never never exceed this amount. Its important to stay in your comfort zone and respect the money you bet and it will respect you. If you realize you are outside of your comfort zone scale down your bets until you can regain control.

The lesson to be learned is only wager amounts that you are comfortable with. Never bet with money you cannot afford to lose.

Rule # 2.) There is always tomorrow

How many times have you had your back against the wall and said things to yourself like there are only 2 races left I don’t want to go home a loser. So you chase your money and let it affect your judgment. There is even a strategy in this system that capitalizes on the thousands that do this at the track and it leaves a betting opportunity open. Don’t be one of them. You usually end up digging yourself in even more of a hole. This thinking will kill you most of the time. A new meeting with Fresh possibilities is the best way to win. It is important to know when to capitalize on good betting opportunities but its just as important to know when to call it a day. There is always Tomorrow.

Rule # 3.) Increase your bets when winning, decrease when losing

This is a very easy concept to say but sometimes difficult to do. When people lose they have the attitude of trying to win it all back in a race so they go big digging themselves in a bigger hole. Your odds with this Ultimate Handicapping System are in your favor so this is a important principle to follow because whey its on and you increase your bets you are setting yourself for some huge days to come. When you are in the zone things just fall towards you and you need to capitalize on these opportunities. Some streaks last days, weeks, months, or hours its important to roll with the punches. Any horse can win on any given day. When you are losing (which will not be much if you follow the system and scale down your bets as you build up your confidence.) When you are winning raise the bets slowly and build on your success.

Rule # 4.) Judge how you are doing and record your results on the program/system your using

Do not blindly use something or fall into the pattern of betting a certain way without recording the results that you are getting. If you don’t write down the results its easy to fool yourself that you are breaking even or winning a majority of the races you bet in. Mark your progress and make adjustments where necessary. A good adult time frame is a month or two depending on your frequency to the track to see if adjustments need to bet made. It is unfair to yourself or the system you are using to judge it on one outing or a weekend, because the world of horse racing can be sometimes unpredictable for a day. When trying something new it is always wise to start out betting small amounts until you build your confidence up. Many people avoid record keeping because they don’t want to face the fact they are losing but this is crucial. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing day in and day out and expecting a different result. Keep records on the bets placed and different data of what was bet along with wins/losses.

Rule # 5.) Go to the track or TAB prepared

The worst thing a handicapper can do is go to the track unprepared. Before you arrive at the track you should know what the tough races are going to be and where your best bets are going to be. If you are going to make serious money over the long term you should have a strategy in place.

If you are at a TAB then you have a variety of tracks to choose from and this can be overwhelming without a strategy in place you are doomed before you start. Its best to pick one track you are familiar with and stick to that before you venture out and play more than one track.

This is why rule # 4 is very important by keeping records you can single out the tracks that you have the most success with therefore increasing your win ratio. Stay with your strengths and be prepared for track bias.

Rule # 6.) Stay away from short-priced favorites

There are times when looking at the track that horses will stick out as the one that dominates. Its important to view the odds and make your bets efficient as possible. If you have put time and effort into your picks its good to stay with 2 to 1 odds or higher. You want to train yourself to look for the favorite who is the over-bet and is vulnerable at a short price. With an over-bet favorite, other horses get bigger odds than they should. This is a time to attack.

Rule #7.) Do not be a slave to one school of thought or way of thinking

All angles in horse racing handicapping take persistence and time. To be successful in this sport its important to know the basics and be flexible at any time. Speed figures, odds and all factors have there place in determining the winner.

Its good to have many principles on hand and using them in the right situation can drastically improve your profits. The right bet at the right time is the key to winning.

Its the job of a handicapper to ask themselves which ones are important for that particular race.

Rule #8.) Its good to wait until the last few minutes to bet

There are ways to avoid long lines at the betting window you can open an account on-line so you can do it by phone but its good to wait until the last few minutes to bet. Let the play come to you watch the tote board and think out your strategy. Some require you to watch the last 5 minutes. The biggest bettors in the country wait until the last 3 minutes to bet. You would be surprised how with 4 minutes to go a 4/1 can drop to a 5/2 before the race goes messing with our strategy.
Rule # 9) Before you make a bet on a race ask yourself if this is an intelligent decision.

This is a great question because then it really brings your focus around to your instinct and feelings. There are many times after in desperation you place a bet that is a loser then ask yourself why you did that. So its important to ask this question often and be live with no regrets. Especially when doing exacts ask yourself if there are any combinations or anything you left out so you can adjust where necessary.

Rule # 10) Don’t listen to or fall into the trap of believing insider information

Bet your own horses using a system that you respect every now and then you will get a tip that you might see as valid but this tip may have passed through thousands of hands and become an over-bet. Inside information on first time starters is horrific usually they don’t know any better than we do. Next time someone calls you with a tip say thanks but no thanks.

These are some hard fast rules of the handicapping world. Happy Handicapping.

Use these along with the simple yet powerful Ultimate Handicapper and you will get the results your looking for Guaranteed.