June 22, 2024

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The Best Horse Racing Spot Play for Top Profits Handicapping Horse Races

If you want an easy winner in a horse race there is one situation that produces proven winners every day. It is also one of the quickest spot plays to find because it stands out. All you have to do is scan a race and these winners will jump off the page at you, and yet, they are still going off at good prices, in fact, some are even long shots. If you think these claims are a lot of hot air, I’ll prove it to you with actual examples that I recently cashed tickets on and you can judge for yourself whether this is just another come on.

On Saturday, August 28th, 2010 at Del Mar Race Track, I cashed two good winning tickets on horses that it took seconds to spot. One of those winners paid $11.60 and the other paid $4.20. For a base bet of $4 I collected $15.80. I admit they don’t win all the time, but you’d be surprised at how often these spot plays do win. I have written countless articles about these spot plays and yet, the crowd still lets them go off at good prices.

I am talking about the spot play that I call, “The Only One.” The only one simply means that the horse is the only one in the race who has won at both the distance and the race track. It is the only one in the race who has demonstrated the ability to do what is being asked of it. It is so easy and quick to find these great winners. Just scan the race and look at the figures for races at the track and distance. If you find a horse with a win in each one, and it is the only horse in the race who gets a check mark in each of those two categories, it is a play.

In the past I have had huge winners this way and have also documented them in other articles. So which horses am I talking about at Del Mar? In the 6th race, “Where’s the Remote,” was the only horse with a win at Del Mar and a win at the distance. In fact, the gray-roan gelding had just won over that very course on the turf. He was at 5-2 in the morning line, but was bet down to 6-5 and paid, $4.20. More than doubling my money on such a horse was nice, but the best was yet to come.

In the feature race of the day, the Grade l Pacific Classic Stakes, only one horse had won at the distance and at Del Mar. Other horses had won at Del Mar and other horses had won at the distance, but not both. Not only was there an Only One in this race, but the horse had also won the same race last year! “Surely this horse had to be the favorite,” you’re saying to yourself.

“Richard’s Kid,” the horse I am writing about, was the Only One and he went off at 9-2 and paid $11.60. I couldn’t believe that the crowd let him go off at such generous odds, but easy winners and quick picks are what this amazing spot play is all about. I have been handicapping for decades and make a living teaching other people how to handicap. When I tell them about such spot plays and then they go looking for them, they are always amazed at how easy it is to pick winners and how much common sense is involved. These horses are truly best bets and proven winners.