June 15, 2024

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Three Street Mixed Martial Arts Tips to Win Fights!

Acquiring many fighting techniques is something that I can say I’ve been able to experience from prisons, clubs, and bars, working as a bouncer. There are also some great advantages to studying mixed fighting events such as the Ultimate Fighting Championships. As you read this particular article, you will learn some very realistic and very effective methods for defending yourself in an actual attack.

Street Mixed Martial Arts #1 – One of the greatest characteristics of the combination martial artist is the power to maintain stamina for about a 20 minute period. Work on exercising with weights as well as improving your cardio health – whether at home, in the gym, or both – you should do this every day to improve your skills. Whether you’re blasting out two hour exercise regimens three times a week at the gym, or enduring daily push-ups and ab crunches, your regular endurance training is essential for keeping yourself in top shape in the event of a street fight.

Street Mixed Martial Arts #2 – Consistency is key. Sparring, training, readying yourself for an attack on a regular basis is vital in determining your victory in a fight. Unless you put the pads and gear on, and consistently spar with others, you won’t be prepared if the time should come to defend yourself from a real-life attack. The combination fighters do little else but train to FIGHT every day! Watching UFC has it’s advantages, but viewing a TV screen alone is pointless. Get out there, sign up for self-defense or martial arts lessons, and get active.

Street Mixed Martial Arts #3 – Day-to-day physical combat training is crucial to your success. Get yourself a decent set of sparring equipment (even go “halves” with a friend), or plug yourself into a martial arts dojo that actually focuses on – and practices regularly – hands-on fighting techniques that include real-life defense situations. To truly be the best fighter you can be, you naturally need to fight! With regular practice and increased experience in training to fight, anxiety and fear will lessen and you will become much more confident if violent action should ever be required.

These are 3 of the best mixed and street based martial arts techniques you can use. Believe it or not, the moves you see in the UFC can be used in street fights. Many of these methods are highly effective, and should be implemented into your fighting style.

Applying the three techniques I’ve outlined here, as well as maintaining peak physical condition, will help you stay safe and be a much more formidable adversary in the event you are assaulted in real-life.